Friday, December 28, 2012

Overseas 2012: Hong Kong

I forgot to put this on my previous post so for those who are interested, my itinerary went like this:

24th of Dec: Left Australia to Taiwan (via Hong Kong)
24th-4th: Taiwan
4th of Dec: Left Taiwan to Hong Kong
4th - 9th: Hong Kong
9th of Dec: Left Hong Kong to China (Shanghai)
9th - 16th: Shanghai
16th - 20st: Shenzhen
20th - 23rd: Shanghai
23rd: Left China to Australia (via Hong Kong, I had to stay at the Hong Kong airport for six hours by myself, yay)

Yep, so as you can see, I fit a lot within a month of travelling! So after Taiwan, we flew over to Hong Kong where we stayed at for five days. Our hotel was conveniently in Mongkok, and was less than five minutes away from the Ladies Market and close to the metro station, Langham Place and basically all the shops around Ladies Market. The Metro is so convenient, we travelled everywhere by metro with our Octopus card which is similar to the Go-cards we have here. We had yum cha for breakfast almost every morning but at different restaurants so we could compare the food.

Our first day was spent as Harbour City where all the luxury brand shops were. There were also department stores around with stores like H&M (four levels) and Zara. We spent more than an hour in H&M, I wish Brisbane had at least one of those stores...

That night, Ronnie (both our family friend) took us to a buffet at Langham Place! But before that, on our way there, we were getting out from the metro station and just as I was saying to Melisa how out of place I felt in being taller and paler than most people there and in my mint jumper, we heard someone shout out my name. I turned around and saw Caleb, Jason and Jacky outside the metro in Mongkok waiting for Billy and Rigel! It was the biggest coincidence haahaha.

Anyway, the buffet had so much delicious food but the most exciting part for Melisa and I were the desserts! They so many to choose from including the the ones shown in the photos below, Movenpick ice cream, cakes, slices, waffles, mochi, fruit and other things which I can't remember. We tried every single one of the desserts which were in the cabinet but we only had half each since we were already full from the actual buffet.

That was the night I lost my tastebuds and got really sick...

After the buffet, Melisa and I decided to meet up with the guys and we just shopped around the LAdies Market. We got back to the hotel at around 11:30pm every night during our time in Hong Kong. The streets were still packed during then.

On the second day there, we met up with Jasmine, Billy and Rigel and visited Central. Jasmine is the cutest thing haahah awww. There were department stores everywhere and a huge four level Forever 21 which we spent hours in. I want to go back, someone take me back okay. 

There was a lego display with lego houses in and out of the department store

Later that night, all of us, minus Jasmine (she had to go home :( ) went to The Peak. We caught this train up the mountain which felt like it was going to roll backwards at any second...

But once we got up there, the view of Hong Kong was absolutely breath taking! You could see the lights all over the island, it was that bright. I just stood there marvelling over the view while the others went and did their own thing for a while. Rigel and I tried to name all the iconic buildings from the map that was on the ledge. We pointed out most of them and guessed a few since some where hidden behind other buildings.

There was also a Madame Tussauds Wax Museum on the Peak which we visited. There were a lot of wax figures ranging from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to President Obama and Yao Ming. They even had Astro Boy! It was interesting to see the actual height of some of the people, Yao Ming is actually ridiculously tall. Some of the wax figures looked so realistic it was crazy how human like they appeared.

On the third day, Melisa, Billy, Rigel and I went to Disneyland! It was one the cutest places I've been but I think it was probably more suited to couples and families with little children since there weren't many thrilling rides. There were cute shows and performances though! Rigel and I were pretty much team third wheeling with Melisa and Billy again, lol. Oh and Billy got shat on by a bird, lol.

How adorable are these Mickey Mouse waffles?!?!

One theme park to next. A group us including Melisa, Billy, Jason, Caleb, Jasmine, Jacky and myself went to Ocean Park. Jackson was supposed to come to but he woke up really late and didn't make it so we met up with him later that day at Mongkok. 

We saw pandas, monkies and fish for the first part while we waited for others. The rides were a lot better at Ocean Park. There was this rollercoaster called the Hair Raiser which was probably one of the best rides there. One mistake we made was leaving at closing time. To get to the thrill mountain (mountain with all the fun rides) you have to go up either the cable car (we waited around 20 minutes in line to get on) or by the shuttle bus which means that you have to go on one of the two to get back down. Well, since we left at closing time, heaps and heaps of other people also decided to leave at closing time and the amount of people waiting for both types of transport was ridiculous. There were people everywhere I felt like I was in a constantly moving moshpit. It only took about 45 minutes for us to finally get back down -_-

As I mentioned before, we met up with Jackson who came down from Shenzhen once we returned back to Mongkok minus Melisa and Billy who went off a few stops before hand and Jasmine who had to go home. So I was left with the guys lol. 

Our last day in Hong Kong was spent shopping around and getting last minute buys before having to leave that afternoon. 

Take me back, I miss Hong Kong already :(

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Overseas 2012: Taiwan

I'm sorry it's been so long since I last posted, but if you didn't already know, Melisa and I went overseas to Taiwan, Hong Kong and China for a month and it was honestly one of if not the most amazing month I've had so far. We departed Australia on the 24th of November and I returned back to Australia on the 24th of December. The reason I didn't post throughout my trip was because I didn't bring my laptop and I didn't bring my camera cord either so yep, my bad.

We had a stop-off at Hong Kong before arriving at Taiwan. Our itinerary for Taiwan was three days of free activity and then a seven-day tour around the island of Taiwan. The first place we went to was a place filled called 西门町 (Xi Men Ding). It was streets filled with shops and food stalls populated mostly with young people (our age and over...). It had Sasa, Etude House, The Face Shop, Skinfood and so many more *u* We spent an entire afternoon and night there.

 I swear we had bubble tea every day in Taiwan. A large pearl milk was about $1 AUD. Food and drinks were very very cheap, omg I miss cheap and yummy food. 

The best waffle of the trip - Green tea with red bean and let me tell you, we ate a lot of waffles throughout the trip and we both thought this was the best tasting.

Our visit to the Modern Toilet Restaurant was interesting. We ordered this shaved ice dessert and a drink which was in a urinal cup. We were already so full from eating other random food we bought along the way so we only got through half of it. We didn't finish the drink either so we had to take it around with us shopping and people looked at us weirdly, secretly judging. 

Taiwan for us mainly consisted of eating and shopping. We ate non-stop we could practically feel our double chins with every bite we took. The Taiwan Metro Station was also a really good place to shop. It had an underground mall with stalls, a level with the metro stuff and food and upstairs had restaurants. Most of our days were probably spent there, especially since we had to change lines anyway. We visited night markets at nights and so instead of having proper meals we ate the food at these night markets (so much cheap and delicious food ahhh). Night markets were the best.

Fruit parfait at Melange Cafe (near Taipei 101) on one of the nights after a night market.

After the three days f our own free activity, we went on a tour around Taiwan which started off in Taipei, went down to Kaohsiung and back up to Taipei, stopping off at touristy, worthy destinations including scenery sights, night markets, department stores and sightseeing places.

Melisa and I were trying to get Melisa's mum to help us take a photo but the photos were so slanted because she wasn't holding the camera right... Then one the guys from the group asked us to help them take a photo so I took it while Melisa photobombed behind them. After that we asked one of them to help us take a photo and they all joined HAAHHAHA

One of the hotels we stayed at *u* 

We had the best tour guide. Xiao Zhou was the typical Taiwanese guy, the way he spoke and everything was so cuteeee.

On the night we were at Kaohsiung, Billy met up with us and we walked around one of the night markets there (well technically it was more like Melisa and Billy walking together and I was 5 metres behind them fml). Actually, don't even get me started on that night lol. The end was pretty alright though. After that night in Kaohsiung, we headed back up to Taipei stopping off every so often to sight see. 

Okay I feel like this is turning into an extremely long post filled mainly with photos so to sum the rest up, we spent the last day of tour at Taipei 101. We got a photo at the big LOVE sign at the end since we couldn't find it on our own lol. We had to ask so many people to help us take the photo because no one knew how to use the DSLR properly and the photos were all blurry and some had the top part of the LOVE cut off, it was quite frustrating.

I can't quite remember what we spent the last night doing but after that, we headed back to the airport for our flight to Hong Kong!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Weekly Update (Kinda, Not Really)

One day can make your life. One day can ruin your life. All life is, is four or five days that change everything. — Riding In Cars With Boys
In a way I regret not going to Schoolies although, in another way, I am glad I didn't go. Jiwon and I along with Jackson, Jeremy and Seeto are planning to head down tomorrow for the last day only if all goes accordingly.

I spent Monday celebrating Sandra's birthday (although it was actually Albert's birthday on that day). I met up with Sandra, Alice and Billy in the morning to buy groceries for the BBQ, walked up to Roma Park, back down to the city to have lunch with my Aunt and had to walk back up to Roma Park all the while holding a cake in the blistering heat. I felt like I was going to melt in the sun so I don't know how the guys managed to play touch without dying of heat stroke.

The scenery at Roma Park lands was so pretty, Sandra and I couldn't help but take photos as we walked back to down to the city.

Lunch - Chicken and Avocado Turkish with Chips

Most people had already arrived by the time I returned back to the BBQ. There was a point during the day where a few guys tried to see who could last the longest with ice down their pants. It was actually the most hilarious thing to watch, my stomach hurt from laughing so much. 

Cake (the strawberries and the base tasted so good!)

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute Sandra is while she opened her presents?! awwwww (I stole this photo from Jason)

So after a whole afternoon of interesting events, including ibises flying off with our food, getting William to take his shirt off (LOL) we all headed back to the city with some of walking and some of us bussing. We walked back and ended up being the first ones back there lol.

The group kinda split off after we regrouped back. Jiwon and I had this sushi date booked ageeeeeees ago because it kept getting booked out and we happened to have booked it on this day. The girls went to karaoke, the guys went off the pool, individuals left and we ended up heading off to our cute little sushi date at Kinsei Japanese Restaurant.

Best. Ever.

Yesterday (Wednesday), Natasha and I went to Dreamworld together as we both wanted to make the most of our annual passes. We just happened to go on the day The Claw had its annual maintenance... 

There was pretty much no queues for rides as it was a weekday and holidays haven't started yet so we got through so many rides in such a short period of time! We even had time to go visit the Big Brother House (even though I didn't watch any of the show when it was on television) and it's actually quite small to what I had in mind. 

 The Big Brother beds

Natashe had to leave early to go back to celebrate her brother's birthday so I decided to head off to Surfers Paradise to visit my group at Schoolies! I was supposed to go back to Brisbane to have dinner with others and I had it all planned out except the bus from Pacific Fair to Nerang Station was MORE THAN AN HOUR LATE which screwed up my entire plan. That means I won't be seeing Alice and Sandra for another month as they along with Sarah leave for Korea tonight (Sophia left earlier this morning). I hope you all have a safe flight! So other than that annoying incident which ruined my plan, I had an amazing day! 

And today, I met up with the lovely Dung! Ahhhhh I love this girl so much and we finally got to go try out San Churros! We tried the 'Fondue for Two', it was pretty delicious although we did think the fondue at Max Brenner might be slightly better and cheaper. 

On the walk back to city, this old creepy guy came up to us and started talking to us asking where we were from and stuff. I pretended like I didn't speak English but ahhhh it was super creepy. My days are quite interesting..........

Well I hope you are all doing well and hope you stay well rested and energised. I hope everyone who is going away has a safe trip and has an enjoyable trip!

Teehe graduation present from my aunt and uncle, THANK YOU :3


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Circle Lens Review: Fynale J12 (Brown)

After a long awaited arrival of these lens, I decided to try out the Fynale Series J12 Brown lens from Paffu Shop, just in time for overseas! 

Diameter : 14.50mm 
Base Curve: 8.6mm 
Water Content: 38% 
Prescription: 0.00 to -6.50

Size and Design: If you've read my previous reviews, you probably would have already realised I don't usually go for lens bigger than 14.2mm. I've bought bigger sized lens before but I rarely wear them, but that's just me, it still doesn't stop me from purchasing them though. 

Well these lens are 15.00mm with a funky design. The design incorporates a gradient from grey (outside) to abrown as shown in the photo below. The spiked brown is noticeable against the black pupil enclosed with a black border, so this lens is good for people who want a more obvious look. In a weird way, I quite like the design.

Natural Light (No Flash):

With Flash:

 Comfort: These lens felt softer and thinner compared to previous lenses I've bought so they should probably be a bit more comfortable to wear than other lens over a long period of time.

Overall Ratings: 
Size: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 
Comfort: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 
Design: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ 
Colour: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ 
Overall: ★ ★ ★ 1/2 ☆ 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Final Week

When you leave here, don't forget why you came. - Adlai Stevenson
It's bittersweet feeling graduating from high school. I've waited five years for this and now that it's happened, I know I'm going to really miss it. The last week of school was a jam packed one.


On Monday, our cohort went on a camp/sleepover at Marrapatta. We thought we were heading straight there however, our first surprise for the trip was a stopoff and tour cruise thing at Noosa. We probably spent around an hour or so on the boat and at that time I was regretting my decision of wearing jeans however, after looking how sunburnt everyone else was afterwards, even though I felt like my legs were going to melt, at least I didn't have sunburn on the top of my legs.

After we reached our destination, our grade was split into to venues where we were going to stay for the night. Some people were in cabins some were in dorms, some were in caravans, some were in tents and some were on the cold hard dance-floor. Our group was split into two caravans which were placed next to each other furthest from the meeting point. Our caravan was called 'The Palace' but it sure ain't what I imagined a palace to be like, although it did have water, electricity, a fridge, stove, microwave, toaster, kettle and beds. We spent most our time there rehearsing our valedictory and muck up day dance. Later that night after dinner, we all watched Step Up and had a nice star-gazing session *u*


The next day included lawn bowls and more rehearsing. We returned back at school at around 3pm and had to get ready for our Valedictory Dinner which required us to be there at 5:30pm. It was quite a stressful afternoon.....

 I really enjoyed our Valedictory dinner. As it was also our principal's last year at the school, we dedicated a 'The Sound of Music' mashup (her favourite movie) to her and also a surprise mashup dance. 

 Daddy Dearest

I was impressed by the dessert lol


I felt like this day was really rushed. The first part of the day included the house farewells. I prepared myself for a lot of crying except I didn't really cry as much as I thought I would. Saying goodbye to England House was sad and I'm really going to miss seeing my house group every morning like I have for the past five years. 

The middle part of the day was rushed af. We had to sign off profiles for verification and do surveys and register for alumni and all that jazz. However, it got better in the afternoon when all the year twelves got ready for the informal assembly. Our group were The Sailors and yep :D

Most of the dances were enjoyable to watch but the end of the assembly was disappointing. We ran out of time and our song to the school was cut short, the year eleven's never got to sing their song to us and so it was not a sad event at all, like it usually had been in the past. Every time it got sad, the teachers had to tell us hurry along and ruined the mood.....

My England house group had a dinner later that night at Jojo's. Our entire house group (Except for two) including our house group teacher Mrs. Morrison was there! Words cannot describe how lovely Mrs. Morrison is, she is like our mother :3

Maddy! She was the first friend I made at BGGS because we had the same buddy :)


Speech Day. Lyn and I arrived at the Convention at around 7:30am LOL. Started rehearsals at 8am all teh way until 12:30pm. Usually I feel as if previous speech days go for ageeeeeeees but this speech day went by really fast. 

DBell's surprise video was good omg.


Year twelve's last official day at school. We had a morning tea with the teachers out in the sunshine. There were at times I thought I was going to melt then and there. Our principal surprised us with cute little cupcakes for each of the students and teachers with mock hats on top, they were so adorable.

After that, we had the final year assembly. It was so touching to see the whole school surprise us outside the theatre to send us out the white picket fence :')

The fact that I've graduated still has not sunk in yet.

But my day did not stop there. After that, our group went on a cute final sushi date. I went to Kristie's to help her get ready for a formal (which she was invited to the day before because the original partner was unable to attend...). So from hers I had to quickly head back home and get ready for the graduation dinner and had to meet up with Brendon before hand. Every thing felt overwhelming, I was travelling all over the place ahhhh I was supposed to go to Chermside during dinner but I ended up not having to, thank the lord.

Dinner was wonderful. It's been a while since I last saw some of the people there and the fact that we've graduated made the night even more special, it was nice to see them all again. We ate at Shabu House which was pretty much a sushi/hot pot buffet, so we all felt the need to eat our money's worth.

Photo spam below.

Jihae's favourtie food photo she took

 The girls, had no idea where half the guys were though, they kept disappearing.

Adrii's attempt at feeding me