Sunday, February 12, 2012

Letter from Japan

This lovely letter sealed in a cute envelope appeared in my mail box the other day from Japan! She talked about how she was doing in Japan and about her family (because she hasn't been in contact for years and decided to mail) and it made me realise how I wished people sent letters like the way this woman did more often. You know, sometimes I wish people would just send letters like this more often instead of Facebook messaging one another, even though they may be more efficient but I think receiving letters gives you a nice warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

 Also, sorry for this whole viewing image problem in my previous few posts, Photobucket is being really annoying and cheap so I've converted to Blogger uploader now and it's more convenient too.

Below is a photo of I spent my time doing yesterday night. I'm did half and Chantal has also the other half. We are writing little Valentine's notes for the year eights to give to them on Tuesday!

Before I finish, you all need to listen to this song by Ailee! It's seriously amazing and her voice and the song and everything about it is lovely, so listen!

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