Saturday, March 24, 2012

Already Done

"Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t. — Erica Jong
Firstly, I am selling a few items of clothing, so please take a moment to look at the post below this! Thank you!

☑ Term one assessment. I'm so glad this term's assessment is over and done with except for English which we have to do over the holidays... but other than that, this past week strained my brain and my ability to focus on one subject after the next. Originally, my plan was to focus one each subject for a few hours or so a day/night, although I pretty much ended up just focusing on one subject at a time and then when that exam was over move straight onto the next one. My plan started off well but somewhere in between all the exams it kinda of just...yeeeeaidk. I think I did alright in them (don't want to be like oh yeah, pffft those exams were super duper easy and end up with a C or something), but I got to say, the Chemistry was the more difficult. On the topic of school, the Classic Novel Elective book I'm studying next term is Wuthering Heights. It was my first option too so hopefully I'm praying it's going to a lot more interesting than the The Harp in the South which was the book I had to do for last year's elective.

Shame that my birthday was caught up between all the assessment because I really no time to do anything and even though it doesn't feel quite like it, two weeks has already past since then. But I don't think I've ever eaten so much cake in my life. Liz made me her scrumptious caramel slice (they taste like heaven in your mouth) *u* My buddy Jess and other Jess and Chantal both me cupcakes during house group and then Zoe made me another cake, and I ate them all (yey, formal diet). After I got home, my dad bought me another cake so I ate that too...

Also, we received our official formal invites a few weeks back during year assembly. The formal committee created the sort of Arabian atmosphere with the lights dimmed down and the screen with an awesome backdrop that moved in the Gehrmann Theatre in line with our theme of Arabian Nights! The envelope itself was looked amazing and the invites looked brilliant.

I was looking through some photos from the All Hallows formal from yesterday night and holy moly, everyone looked absolutely gorgeous! I actually love looking through formal photos.

Well, adios 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Doesn't Even Make Sense

Every teacher assumes that you have nothing else to do except study for that teacher's subject.
Apart from having a productive study weekend ,I thought I may as well blog since there's nothing really much to do a Sunday night. It's the times where the realisation that exam block is this week comes to me and all I want to do then is spazz and cry, but this is the one and only year in high school where everything counts.I'll try to talk about study and schoolwork as much because I'm sure you'll get all bored by my continuous rants. On the note of spasms, does anyone else get these ridiculous muscle spasms in your leg (calves) during their sleep?!?!? No...? Okay, maybe it's just me...

But if anyone did care, my exam timetable goes like this:
  • Monday 1pm -3pm: ITS Exam
  • Tuesday 8am-10am: Math B Exam
  • Thursday 1pm-3pm: Chemistry Exam
  • Friday 1pm-3pm: Biology Exam
And after that, term one assessment will all be over *u*

I somehow manages to fit in some time to browse through a few online stores since this term has deprived me of shopping... I never seemed to be in the desperate 'I need to shop' moments but I did look through few stores (conveniently downloaded the ASOS App) and actually found 32849849084 things that looked so lovely! I think the two that I like the most would definitely have to be these two:

Nishe Sheer Chiffon Blouse from ASOS

Maxi Skirt In High Low Hem 

Okay, now on a completely different note, the other day, this guy (who you will might possibly decode out) posted this on his Facebook:

Obviously there are numerous things wrong about this. He didn't write this, it was a printscreen of someone's    and the way that girls are generalised in this context doesn't even apply to majority of girls. So as a rebuttal to his argument, Izzie posted this: (after much consideration and choice of words along with the help of others during school)

Hope you found this post somewhat interesting even though I had three entirely disjointed topics. Good luck to everyone for exams and hope you all ace you assessment! Here's Chonny:

Friday, March 9, 2012


I want a trip inside your head, spend the day there, hear the things you haven’t said, see what you see. I wanna hear you when you call, do you feel anything at all?
It's heading towards the pointy end of term already and not going to lie, I can definitely feel the stress and workload piling up. I'm sure you all don't want me continuously ranting on about school work and general day to day life so I'll move onto a brighter topic. Wednesday was QGSSSA Swimming and me and 170+ other Grammar girls went along to support our QG swimmers! It was a lot funner than I'd imagined, people face painted each other, cheered (screamed so much my throat hurt the next day), did this amazing BGGS Spell thing (I'll try and post a video up if I can find a good one but I have shared one of my Facebook so all go and watch it) I was number 23 so for the party where we actually spelt BGGS, all I had was Down Down Down Down , danced in sync and all that jazz. Our school's support and atmosphere was so energetic which made everyone enjoy it all that much more. Congratulations to all the swimmers and BGGS who placed 3rd overall!

Note: I didn't take any photos on the night so I got these photos off others...

Thanks for the support MBC! (If you also look at their banner, it says 'DOMINATE ______ '18' because their 2 fell down, hehe.

Today, I came home from another mundane day at school to find that my Polaroid had arrived! Ahhhh it's so cool, I love it already.

It came with the camera (Polaroid mini 50s), rechargable batteries (there were also two batteries that were inside the camera box), a camera bag, sticker set, album, pens, cute miniature pegs and seven packs of film.

Well I'm dedicating these coming weekends to study, study and study. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Display Room

The worst thing is caring about someone, wondering how they are and what they’re up to when the truth is they’ve stopped wondering about you a long time ago.
Ahhhh firstly, ShinebyThree.blogspot owner Margaret Zhang replied to me on Twitter *u* Her blog is one of the most lovely fashion blogs and she seems like a wonderful person; excuse my fan-girl moment.

I feel a bit less stressed this weekend especially since my English oral and ITS assessment is over for now, although there's still an exam during blocks. It's crazy how much of my life is taken by school work now...

Nevertheless, I managed the time to go to IKEA today since I couldn't last week, but the bed thing my parents bought last week didn't come with a bed frame thing or something so had to go again. I love looking at the display rooms they set up, it really inspires to me to do something interesting with my room. The displays are so innovative and space efficient, which made me decide to re-do my room in the holidays. So hopefully, after exams and everything is over, I will begin redecorating! Aside from looking at all the splendid things at IKEA (didn't buy anything though) apart from these babiesss that taste heavenly.

Pretty sure my posts never make any sense and this is no exception, sorry! But on the brighter side, my birthday is in 8 more days :3