Sunday, March 18, 2012

Doesn't Even Make Sense

Every teacher assumes that you have nothing else to do except study for that teacher's subject.
Apart from having a productive study weekend ,I thought I may as well blog since there's nothing really much to do a Sunday night. It's the times where the realisation that exam block is this week comes to me and all I want to do then is spazz and cry, but this is the one and only year in high school where everything counts.I'll try to talk about study and schoolwork as much because I'm sure you'll get all bored by my continuous rants. On the note of spasms, does anyone else get these ridiculous muscle spasms in your leg (calves) during their sleep?!?!? No...? Okay, maybe it's just me...

But if anyone did care, my exam timetable goes like this:
  • Monday 1pm -3pm: ITS Exam
  • Tuesday 8am-10am: Math B Exam
  • Thursday 1pm-3pm: Chemistry Exam
  • Friday 1pm-3pm: Biology Exam
And after that, term one assessment will all be over *u*

I somehow manages to fit in some time to browse through a few online stores since this term has deprived me of shopping... I never seemed to be in the desperate 'I need to shop' moments but I did look through few stores (conveniently downloaded the ASOS App) and actually found 32849849084 things that looked so lovely! I think the two that I like the most would definitely have to be these two:

Nishe Sheer Chiffon Blouse from ASOS

Maxi Skirt In High Low Hem 

Okay, now on a completely different note, the other day, this guy (who you will might possibly decode out) posted this on his Facebook:

Obviously there are numerous things wrong about this. He didn't write this, it was a printscreen of someone's    and the way that girls are generalised in this context doesn't even apply to majority of girls. So as a rebuttal to his argument, Izzie posted this: (after much consideration and choice of words along with the help of others during school)

Hope you found this post somewhat interesting even though I had three entirely disjointed topics. Good luck to everyone for exams and hope you all ace you assessment! Here's Chonny:

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beccie tsao said...

Aileen, I would marry your blog if I could.