Friday, March 9, 2012


I want a trip inside your head, spend the day there, hear the things you haven’t said, see what you see. I wanna hear you when you call, do you feel anything at all?
It's heading towards the pointy end of term already and not going to lie, I can definitely feel the stress and workload piling up. I'm sure you all don't want me continuously ranting on about school work and general day to day life so I'll move onto a brighter topic. Wednesday was QGSSSA Swimming and me and 170+ other Grammar girls went along to support our QG swimmers! It was a lot funner than I'd imagined, people face painted each other, cheered (screamed so much my throat hurt the next day), did this amazing BGGS Spell thing (I'll try and post a video up if I can find a good one but I have shared one of my Facebook so all go and watch it) I was number 23 so for the party where we actually spelt BGGS, all I had was Down Down Down Down , danced in sync and all that jazz. Our school's support and atmosphere was so energetic which made everyone enjoy it all that much more. Congratulations to all the swimmers and BGGS who placed 3rd overall!

Note: I didn't take any photos on the night so I got these photos off others...

Thanks for the support MBC! (If you also look at their banner, it says 'DOMINATE ______ '18' because their 2 fell down, hehe.

Today, I came home from another mundane day at school to find that my Polaroid had arrived! Ahhhh it's so cool, I love it already.

It came with the camera (Polaroid mini 50s), rechargable batteries (there were also two batteries that were inside the camera box), a camera bag, sticker set, album, pens, cute miniature pegs and seven packs of film.

Well I'm dedicating these coming weekends to study, study and study. 

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