Sunday, April 29, 2012

Arabian Nights

No one on earth can hurt you, unless you accept the hurt in your own mind. The problem is not other people; it is your reaction. — Vernon Howard

It's been a while, but thought I may as well post since my school formal was yesterday! The lead up to this event was huge, pretty sure a lot of us dreamt of this day ever since year eight.

Other than the fact rain poured down all day making my hair frizzy and dress wet, my day went smoothly. Got my hair done at 1pm then make up at 3pm. Bumped into quite a few others at Napolean Perdis as some had appointments before, during and after mine. Steph, did my makeup. She was absolutely lovely and did an amazing job! Redeemed a finishing powder and a pair of false lashes.

Phee held the pre at her house and her and parents did a brilliant job at hosting and organizing it. They got in caterers, food and drinks. Everyone looked stunning with their dates, I took Chenny and poor him and Nick had an away game at Toowoomba and got back at around 4.30pm and had to get ready (THANK YOU CHENNY FOR COMING WITH ME TO THE FORMAL) ..

Meg and Angus/Chenny (I introduced him as Angus to half the people and Chenny to half)

This was the first time I had curly hair........

Phee and Katie! 

Sarah and Lily along with EJ were our photographers for the pre (:

They said gangstaaa shot ..

Our formal was held at the Convention Centre and parents and teachers were invited to the pre-drinks before hand to come and admire all of us haaha. There were so many people and everyone mingled and received well deserved compliments. So many gorgeous people everywhere. The theme this year was 'Arabian Nights'

Ailsa, my lovely ITS buddy!

DUNG! One of my favourite girlssss :) 

Such an awkward stage of the night because this was when we had to walk into the hall place and principal was waiting at the door so we had to introduce our partners to her while all the parents were out there watching... 

Photos of our meals (credits to Yen), food meals were alternating so every second person got either the one or the other:

Chicken (I got this one)


Dessert: Oreo Cheesecake (I got this one)
Fruit Pavlova

Went to the actual hall at around 7 and the rest of the night consisted of dinner, photographs/photo booth, dessert, dancing and socializing. It ended at 11pm where we all departed out separate ways (in groups) and later regrouped at Paris/Alice's post which in my recollection was fun (maybe,idk lol).

I don't know about everyone else but I had an amazing time and can't believe it's already over :(


kathleen said...

oh too cute, makes me miss my formal/high school! you look stunning and i loveeee the hair .

TheLittleBrightsides said...

stunning photos! Def following now, you have a beautiful blog :) If you would like to follow each other, here's mine! Can't wait for more posts xo!

Mina said...

You look stunning. :)