Monday, April 2, 2012

Catch Up

I am very indecisive and I always have a hard time picking my favourite things, but I know for sure that you are my favourite.
Sleep is definitely on my top five on my 'most loved' lists. I don't think I've slept so much in a long time.

  • Slept around 11pm yesterday night
  • Woke up at 10am
  • Read Wuthering Heights for a while then dozed off at around 1pm
  • Slept until 4.30pm
Oh how I've missed you holidays, just going to let the lethargic side consume me.


On Thursday (same day as inter-house cross country), we had the Bi-Grammar Quiz. Bi-Grammar is a competition type of thing between year twelves in Girls Grammar and Boys Grammar where this year, we compete in a quiz, netball, touch and dodgeball (maybe) and something else. Our year level got really into it and made all these posters and marched off to Boys Grammar in a huge group during lunch to compete in round one. 

Banner we made in 20 minutes that morning!

Almost every time we tried cheering or do our war-cry, the guys would start doing theirs and because their voices are low and barbaric sounding, it always drowned out ours. In the end, after rounds of questions including the genres or Sport, Music, Film, Geography and General Knowledge, BGS won by two points but it was obvious they rigged it... The boys did this skit thing where you had to guess a scene or something from Harry Potter and it was almost impossible to guess what it was but some how the guys seemed to be able to guess it, coincidence? I think not...

Emily posted the original photo in our BGGS Senior page and we all had a good lol at the the guy's sweat patches, it was an intense match haahaha

On Saturday, we had a group dinner to celebrate end of term but the night did not end up as we all planned which was pretty disappointing due to an unexpected turn of events but nevertheless. While we were waiting for others to arrive at some seats nearby, a group of men came over to us all dressed in ridiculous outfits for their bucks night and asks to take photos with us and stuff. They were randomly asked if anyone could hula-hoop and I somehow ended up being the one that had to hula-hoop with this small hoop one of the guys randomly whipped out.

... And yesterday, I planned to have my sleeping day but thought hanging out with Diem would've been more fun :D

We looked around at Suitcase Rummage for the first half of the day. We saw this boy who was selling his toys, books and board games it was too cute not to take a photo of him.

After strategically weaving through Suitcase Rummage, we headed to Southbank to watch The Hunger Games. The 3.05pm session was full so we had to wait until the 6.10pm session. Browsed through the Youth Designer Markets and Southbank Markets before walking back to the city for sushi and food.

$1.80 well spent on 248kcal worth of ice-cream at some Korean grocery store.

There many seedy guys/old men at the city akdjldjalsdj. This old man working at sweet store at Southbank was full hitting on Diem saying how attractive she was lolllolololoollol, pretty sure he was over 60 years old. We also could've scored a free BBQ after this guitarist guy from England came up to us and started talking to us asking where were we from and stuff, offering us to go to this BBQ he and his friend were going to have. Ended up giving him a fake phone number and subtly running away.

Arrived at the cinemas at 5.30pm and there was already a line but the wait was worth it because we scored the best seats in the cinema (middle middle)! Hunger Games was an incredible movie and there were scenes that were super intense and scenes that made you want to ball your eyes out like we both did. Even these two really annoying guys behind us who were commentating the first half were crying. Can I just say that I think Peeta is so good looking and Katniss is absolutely gorgeous!

Before I finish I suggest you should all watch this:


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