Sunday, April 8, 2012

Current Likings and Lovings

Excuse me, I think you have something in your eye. Nope, it's just a sparkle.

I wish everyone a happy Easter but have you ever wondered why we eat chocolate eggs and bunnies during this holiday? Well some YahooAnswer user commented with this (voted best answer):

"The eggs bit refers to new life and yes is Christian. What happened at Easter is what enables us to have a new life in Christ. Also rolling eggs is to do with rolling the stone on His tomb away. The chocolate bit is something like commercialism or a way of focusing less on the christian bit or something as it is certainly a recent thing historically."

Just an interesting fact for you all ^_^

Remember my new baby and how I said Lulu's neverending affection, well here's her grabbing her face and pinching her nose.

... And here's she's forcing her to eat a strawberry like 'why won't you eat it?' D;

Ahhhh adorable :')

Well I thought I'll share some (not so) interesting things about me and what I'm really loving at the moment.

This Strawberry Body Butter from The Body Shop is wonderful. It smells so nice and moisturises really well. Chantal bought this for me for Christmas and I've almost finished it all.

tThese Japanese Mochi's are under my newly found things that I'm liking. Bought these the other day and they remind me of the glutinous rice balls (远销)except bigger and yummier. So far, I've only tried the black sesame flavour but I really want to try the green tea one.

GGood things come in threes, so as my third, online shopping and browsing is almost becoming a daily routine for me during these holidays. Even if I'm not planning on buying anything, I still like browsing ... lol. At least I've bought a few items from some stores here and there, need to stop spending so much money :'(

My favourite stores would be either Nasty Gal or ASOS although I find Gmarket pretty good too but haven't bought anything from there before,

As for songs, my top three at the moment are:

Starships - Nicki Minaj
Boats and Birds - Gregory and the Hawk 
Fantastic Baby - Big Bang

Oh and in regards to people, Taecyeon is up there but you can't forget Josh Hutcherson :3

I’m someone who can fall in love at the drop of the hat. My parents raised me to be very accepting of other people, so because of that, I feel like I might be overly accepting of girls. If a girl shows any interest, I’m like, “Yes! I love you, you’re amazing!"
— Josh Hutcherson
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  


Melody said...

Oh! I think I remember reading about the chocolate bunny thing ages ago ..completely forgot until you mentioned it!

And asfasgj the baby is so adorable *___* <333!

.. Woah! Fantastic Baby!
(this has been stuck in my head for ages afasfasf ;A;)

aileenzhang said...

Thought it was pretty interesting but I'm not too sure how reliable the source is though... haahahha

The song is too catchy :3