Thursday, April 12, 2012


Life without you would be like a broken pencil ...pointless.

I promised myself that today was the last day I'm going to go out since term two is right around the corner. Someone asked me to an OOTD, so I did one today but today's was not very exciting (Lulu/Claire wouldn't leave me alone).

Spent my last day wisely and met up with Courtney at 11:30am (ish) then quickly went to see Sarah so I could swap my lens because of a mix up. Ahhh Cute Courtney gave me a belated birthday present (exactly one month since). Yes, we both realized the lack of photos we had with each other, but hey, with Taecyeon there, who can complain ;)

Throughout the entire day, I kept bumping into people, it was ridiculous, so many people were in the city.

We ate so much throughout the day, I'm still full as we speak. For lunch, Courtney and I went to MOS Burger and I decided to try something different so I ordered the Fish Burger which tasted pretty good, it tasted like the one at McDonalds actually.

Today's main purpose was to go shopping for earrings and shoes but ended up with much more than that. Couldn't help myself, sales were all over the place.

One thing which annoyed me was that we were in a boutique in Elizabeth Arcade and I ended up buying this top right, then after, we went to a different shop down Queen Street, saw the exact top except $10 cheaper!!!!!

Anyway, we decided to have a mini adventure in Wintergarden and take a few photos. Felt like tourists but who really cares? After an interesting dinner dilemma, we ended up having lunch at Jackpot Noodle!

 Courtney being uncooperative ):

My dish - Beef Strips with Rice Noodles

Courtney's dish - Seafood on Crispy Egg Noodle

Well, I will now leave you with a few photos of Wintergarden! I don't want to spam this post with too many photos >.<

♥ ♥ 

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Sarah Truong said...

You guys are gorgeous!