Thursday, May 17, 2012


Sometimes I wish I had never met you. Because then I could go to sleep at night not knowing there was someone like you out there. — Gerry Lambeau
I honestly don't know why I'm blogging when Biology and Chemistry both await me. Well apparently there are six more months left before I graduate so I guess that's something to look forward to... maybe, possibly. Anyway, for mother's day, family went out for dinner and being people who like to take random photos all the time, that night was different.

I don't know if it's just me but a part of my hair looks lighter than the rest 「(゚ペ) 

Dinner food. 

Lulu with ice-cream

Lulu without ice-cream 

Okay, I'm going to go back to study now. Also got our English marks back today for our short story, lolfml.

Friday, May 11, 2012

No Need to Complain

If you're giving your all to someone and it's not enough, you're giving it to the wrong one.

The weather is beginning to get chilly, I always seem to be freezing my butt off in the morning, I wake up and the sky is still dark and I just want to stay covered under my blanket T__T

The other night I was cleaning out my portable hard drive and discovered photos which I though were long gone hidden in a folder which was in a folder in a folder which was in a folder labelled 'Music'... obviously I made sure no one would find them. Looking back, I really wonder what possessed me to think it was alright to wear some of these clothes I did in public, anyone want to see some photos? lol.

I am beyond tired, this week has been quite hectic. I had my Biology Preliminary 1 EEI report due on Tuesday and the second one was due this morning. It's ridiculous because it's not even being assessed but the teachers are making us to treat it like it is with the whole 8.20am hand-in and sign-off and on top of the three EEIs we have to complete a ERT.

Also, Extended Writing Task for ITS is due also due next Wednesday so I've also been doing that while trying to start developing my literacy/numeracy game on Adobe Flash for little four to five year olds. ITS is so time consuming. It's already taken me three lessons just to get this far in the development of my character (drawing it took quite a while and colouring it in is frustrating because I keep having to arrange the layers so the border is on the top layer). After that, I have to animate her so she can blink, wave, talk, walk etc. I also have to create other characters. 

Driving me crazy. Downloaded Adobe Illustrator CS6 (didn't even know CS6 existed until today) just so I could do this at home.

Chemistry EEI, fml.

I'm just looking forward to exam block where I get a nine day weekend because the exams I have are on true first Thursday and Friday of it.

Okay, so I decided to upload more photos from last weeks Chinese excursion to Buddha Festival since that's something interesting that has happened lately...

Yvette and I making our dragon lanterns :3 

Some dance activity thing. Posted this photo purely because of the girl on the right. 

Year twelve Chinese cohort (notice the divide....... omglol)
The maxi didn't arrive until half an hour later so ...

Caught out on Yentl's Instagram (right) and ten after on Friday, Michelle and I made a trip to Mos Burger !
On Sunday, instead of going to Buddha Festival when everyone went, our family held this dinner thing to celebrate my stepmum's birthday and Sophie's one month! Ahhh by the way, the one on the right is Lil Lu :3
Jenny and I drove around like crazy getting last minute stuff... like this cake... and ice...

Friday, May 4, 2012

Questioning Buddha's Birthday

Call me cursed
Or just call me blessed
If you can't handle my worst
You ain't getting my best
A few people have been asking similar questions about the formal so I thought I'll answer them all in this post.

Where did I get my dress from?
I bought in Melbourne in a store called Vivid. It was reasonably priced compared to some of the other girl's dresses. Accessories including my silver necklace, cuff and earrings were all purchased from Lovisa and my belt was bought from Forever New.

Where did I get my hair and make up done?
I got my hair done in a hairdresser at Market Square. I showed them a photo of how I wanted to get it done and they did a great job at replicating it. Shame the humid, gloomy weather and rain ended up making my hair all frizzy ):

Before (left) and After (right) getting make up done.
For my make up, I got it done at Napolean Perdis at Indooroopilly. A few others from my school also got it done there at the same time which was nice to see. Steph did an amazing job with my make up. Initially I showed her a photo and she put in her suggestions and taa-daa, she made me look presentable! She also gave me advice on different techniques I could use to apply make up for skin and face type. I told her my dress was pale purple x champagne kind of colour so she added a bit of purple to it. I just had a smoky eye look. It took about 40 or so minutes which was alright since she also had to help customers and whatnot.

Products I redeemed (:

Nails (I painted them myself ^_^ ) 

What did I do at the Pre? Phee and her family did a brilliant job at organising and hosting the pre. Chenny had a soccer match at Toowoomba so before he came, I just chilled around dateless, but it was all good because others still hadn't arrived and I was with friends. Basically, we/parents/photographers/relatives took heaps of photos and there were food and drinks served by the caterers.

Spiffy looking Chenny 

Daddy Dearest  
Left at around 6.15pm and headed to the Pre-drinks where teachers and parents were invited and able to mingle, socialise and take more photographs. The formal was held at the Convention Centre and at 7pm, parents and teachers (only selected teachers were allowed in the actual formal) had to leave. Formal pretty much consisted of dinner, dessert, dancing, socialising and taking photos.

Professional photos!
Eliot taking the spotlight there...


After the post, most people went over to someone's house to get ready for the post. We went back to Bridie's and just let the good times roll................

Corsage and pinhole? Chenny did a wonderful job at organsing both the corsage and pinhole (he insisted). Usually the guy buys the corsage for the girl and the girl buys the corsage for the guy. He put the corsage on me and Phee's dad was going to show us how to put the pinhole on Chenny's suit thing so he ended up placing it on.

I hope that answered a few of your questions ^_^

Well today, we went on a Chinese excursion to Buddha's Birthday/Festival held at Southbank. Only the year twelve Chinese (ten of us) and the year eight students who are currently studying Chinese this semester were able to go. There were activities and events held for school students and this excursion is probably the best one I've been on. Biology and ITS excursions have nothing on this one. It was from periods three to six which meant I got to miss out on Chinese, QCS, ITS and English :D :D

CHANTAL; my other prefect! Trolol at Mr Huppert in the background.
YUKO; my first ever proper photo with her :') Truly an achievement
Would have been such a lovely photo if .......... >.>

Yvette and Jen being cute with the dragon lantern template things.

You jelly of my lantern that lights up?

Okay, too long of a post,.