Friday, May 11, 2012

No Need to Complain

If you're giving your all to someone and it's not enough, you're giving it to the wrong one.

The weather is beginning to get chilly, I always seem to be freezing my butt off in the morning, I wake up and the sky is still dark and I just want to stay covered under my blanket T__T

The other night I was cleaning out my portable hard drive and discovered photos which I though were long gone hidden in a folder which was in a folder in a folder which was in a folder labelled 'Music'... obviously I made sure no one would find them. Looking back, I really wonder what possessed me to think it was alright to wear some of these clothes I did in public, anyone want to see some photos? lol.

I am beyond tired, this week has been quite hectic. I had my Biology Preliminary 1 EEI report due on Tuesday and the second one was due this morning. It's ridiculous because it's not even being assessed but the teachers are making us to treat it like it is with the whole 8.20am hand-in and sign-off and on top of the three EEIs we have to complete a ERT.

Also, Extended Writing Task for ITS is due also due next Wednesday so I've also been doing that while trying to start developing my literacy/numeracy game on Adobe Flash for little four to five year olds. ITS is so time consuming. It's already taken me three lessons just to get this far in the development of my character (drawing it took quite a while and colouring it in is frustrating because I keep having to arrange the layers so the border is on the top layer). After that, I have to animate her so she can blink, wave, talk, walk etc. I also have to create other characters. 

Driving me crazy. Downloaded Adobe Illustrator CS6 (didn't even know CS6 existed until today) just so I could do this at home.

Chemistry EEI, fml.

I'm just looking forward to exam block where I get a nine day weekend because the exams I have are on true first Thursday and Friday of it.

Okay, so I decided to upload more photos from last weeks Chinese excursion to Buddha Festival since that's something interesting that has happened lately...

Yvette and I making our dragon lanterns :3 

Some dance activity thing. Posted this photo purely because of the girl on the right. 

Year twelve Chinese cohort (notice the divide....... omglol)
The maxi didn't arrive until half an hour later so ...

Caught out on Yentl's Instagram (right) and ten after on Friday, Michelle and I made a trip to Mos Burger !
On Sunday, instead of going to Buddha Festival when everyone went, our family held this dinner thing to celebrate my stepmum's birthday and Sophie's one month! Ahhh by the way, the one on the right is Lil Lu :3
Jenny and I drove around like crazy getting last minute stuff... like this cake... and ice...


Mina said...

Where did you download the Adobe Illustrator CS6? Thanks in advance! :)

aileenzhang said...

I downloaded Adobe Illustrator CS6 from here:|22732|adobe%20illustrator%20trial||S|b|13603966024