Monday, June 25, 2012

Because You Forgot Yesterday

Tomorrow, you promise yourself, will be different, yet, tomorrow is too often a repetition of today. And you disappoint yourself again and again. — James T. Mckay
Firstly, I would just like to say that from the photos I've already seen, so many people from the BGGS Charity Social, QA Formal and BSHS Semi looked absolutely amazing!!!!

Mmmmm holidays, a time where I can I think right now, my first few days of this three week holiday has consisted of me wearing 1293483949238 layers of clothing while snuggled up all cosy while watching How I Met Your Mother without having to worry about any upcoming assessment. Oh, and you can't forget about cooking/eating and sleeping.

Yay for late night desserts that I made purely out of boredom:

Mmmmm, let me introduce you to my new favourite ice-cream. It tastes heavenly and is also highly addictive. I've probably eaten half the tub already (in a day). The label is right, it is deliciously irresistible icecream ;__;

After weeks of trying to find a nice pair of suede boots, I finally found this pair that was everything I'd been searching for. Last pair in my size, ffyea. 

Tonight, I went over to have dumplings at my grandparents house. I've never really liked eating dumplings when they usually make them, but recently I've begun to start liking them... 

I didn't have much to do afterwards, so I sat down and watched the Chinese channels on TV everyone else was watching, and this show was about a court case interrogating this 22 year old man who killed his mother because she told him off for coming home too late from the internet cafe (it's a true story). It was pretty disturbing especially when they get into detail and this man has got a lot of issues. He hit her on the head and used the curtain string things to ... yeh you get the point. I didn't want to watch but I also couldn't look away.

Then there was this show where a lady described how she lost 15kg by acupuncture. Apparently, if you get the right acupuncture procedure done a few times a day/week, you don't feel as hungry, you stop thinking about food yet your body thinks it's getting food or something like that... it as interesting okay ;_;

Anyway, you know what else is interesting? Lulu, so smile while she takes a photo of you. 


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