Saturday, June 9, 2012


Someone that respects you, won’t see you as something to get. They’ll see you as something to keep. - Thomas Gene

Who would have guessed the end of semester one would be close within our reach? There are times when time just escapes out of your hands and you are left with wishing time would never end but then there are those moments where time just seems to drag on, and on, and on. That's how I feel about this year so far. There have been moments where I'm just like, 'wtf, how is already June?' and then are the moments where I just think 'Oh, it's only June?'. 

Well,with exams and stress that always seem to accompany them, comes comfort food and shopping, and a lot of both. Food > Life.

Family friends usually come give us free sushi once or twice a week, they usually come at night time but they came in the morning today.

My purchases over the last two days, lessens the pain of assessment. Bella and I went to the city yesterday and I bought the bag. We walked to the Free Loop to go back to school and then Bella decided to buy one too and now we both have matching bags, teehee. Universal only had two more of these bags left too!

I decided to get a haircut today since the last time I got it cut was in September last year. So, I Got all my dead and split ends chopped off so my layers don't look so layered anymore. I also had this hair massage and treatment which made my hair feel so soft and silky.

ps. Hello Jueun  

pps. Good luck to you all on your exams and upcoming assessment!

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