Friday, June 1, 2012


I don't know how I'm allocating this time to update my blog, clearly my priorities are in order. Well, I thought I would update with a post about the evolution of my hairstyle (kudos to Grace and Sarah for the idea). I've been through quite a few different hairstyles, especially throughout high school and now I'm looking back at it... ha.ha.hahaha.

Note: Don't judge me okay :(

I'm just going to summarise the main styles that I flaunted, okay year eight:

I'm going to call this the awkward side fringe because JUST LOOK AT THAT FRINGE OK. I mainly had a fringe during year eight and towards the end of the year I got a fringe with the sides and all. Once that side part and fringe started growing out, I think I decided to get a box fringe to see what it would look like and yea.....................

The box fringe grew out quite quick so I think I got it cut to a side fringe again, with the sides

Then, in at the beginning at year ten I thought it'd be fun to dye my hair and went kinda tb-ish (T_T)
From left to right: For Alice's MIT thing around April, some photo thing with weird lighting that made my hair weird after my fringe started growing out. Third photo: Got fringe, sides, distinct layers, re-dyed my hair during middle of the year and the fourth photo was taken around August so you can all see the LAYERS.

Oh, and here are some more photos to show off my light hair (I remember I would never admit it was orange but......)

Towards November 2010, I decided to dye my hair back to black and have not dyed it ever since :')

The following photos were taken in 2011, the first one in March when I still had my fringe. Second one was around May and I think at this stage I was comtemplating whether or not I should grow out my fringe and layers and then the next photo taken around July (I think) was when I decided I was going to grow out my layers.

I think this is probably my favourite state my hair has been :')

Now, my hair is weird since I haven't got it cut in ageeeeeeeeees, eugh. So anyway, I hope you enjoyed this useless post that I am probably not going to bother editing because Chemistry and Maths await me.

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