Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Magazine Scans

Well tonight, I finally got the chance to read my Vivi and Rayli magazines I purchased last year while down in Melbourne. It really put my Chinese skills to the test but I think my self esteem lowered by about -1874839719273983749 ;__;

The Rayli (middle and last photo) was the issue where they celebrated their sweet sixteenth last year, so the magazine is the same age as me! The magazine with SNSD came with the middle one.

There's all these super amazingly pretty people in these magazines so I thought I'd share some with you all:

I think the model on the right is so gorgeous, I wish I looked like her ;__; 
(Yes I am aware that much editing has probably been done but still....)

And here are two of the most perfect people in the world - Angelababy and Fan Bing Bing:

And celebratory dessert for Rayli's birthday:

There were so many more photos but ... yeah.

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