Thursday, July 5, 2012

Food Brings People Together

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.  - George Bernard Shaw
Well said Mr. Shaw :')

This morning, I somehow just naturally woke up at 6.30am (no alarm or anything which is surprising because I usually sleep until 12 during the holidays). Lyn walked over to my house from my Grandparent's house at around 7ish looking like a homeless person in a huge coat, tracksuit and a huge bag, it was really a sight to see.

So Lyn, Daniel (my brother) and I bussed to the Royal Brisbane Hospital to check up on gramps in the morning to keep him company. He is the cutest man ever especially in this purple moomoo but I couldn't help but feel quite upset and depressed at the hospital, but I won't go on about that.

We stayed there for a few hours and handed gramps his iPad before he insisted that we should all go since he was preoccupied with his iPad anyway. Hesitantly, we left and bussed back to the city before Lyn and I met up with Courtney and Tiffany! This was the first time I met Tiffany (taller than I imagined) and she is honestly the cutest girl that I can see one day turning into an epic, typical Asian mother.

This was after we arrived at the city and got free samples of Boost in adorable mini-cups :3

Our first stop was at Grill'd for lunch, (well technically it was Hazel Tea). The place was packed probably because it was peak hour lunch time. This was the first time I've tried Grill'd burgers and it tasted sooooooo good and the chips, omg the chips and herbed mayo..... I ordered the Crispy Bacon and Cheese Burger, shared chips with Lyn and it was worth every cent. 

Took some super kawaiiiiii sticker photos since none of had taken them in ageeeeees (last time I took them was in year ten..... I think), my eyes look freakishly enlarged it also passes off as disturbingly large in one of them. The photos we took with Tiffany's camera turned out better than the actual sticker photos because of the nice lighting in the booths.

On the way over to Southbank, we passed the food markets at the square near the Casino. The temptation was difficult to resist and Tiffany being the cutie bought this pastry thing and and bagels, she's an eating machine yet doesn't gain weight. However, there were free samples at a few stores which was convenient.

We went back to the markets before we had to part ways and I bought three bagels and shared a bag of this amazing rocky road between Lyn. I swear, I would have so much more money if I didn't spend nearly as much money as I do on food.

Bought macaroons at San Churros (with $2 I found on the ground, teehehe) and had a lovely chat with the girls at Southbank. I seriously need to stop buying so much food T______T 

Face the sun they said, the lighting will be better they said.
Felt like we were getting judged taking all these photos but you know what they say, ~~~YOLO~~~ (Speaking of which, we saw a girl walk past wearing one of those crop top jumpers with YOLO across it... =.=")

I also had a wonderful time yesterday night at dinner with Sarah, Sandra and Michelle at Ahmet's! The restaurant interior looked so exotic and the food there tasted amazing, decent servings and well priced too. A depressing moment occurred later in the night when I mistook the 'on/off' button as the 'take photo' button on my polaroid, depressing stuff :(

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