Monday, July 9, 2012

Dinner De Lites

Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we already have because we’re too focused on what we want.

Firstly, I just want to quickly mention how good all the members of 2NE1 look in their MV for 'I Love You'.  My favourite girl group is back and I'm eagerly awaiting for their US album to be released!

So two weeks of holidays have already quickly gone by and as lame/nerdy as it sounds, where on earth are our report cards?! It's just that I want to see my final results and every other school has got theirs back (some earlier than others) so it would be nice to get them back before school starts...

I feel like all my days have merged into one during these holidays, I can't even remember what I did on what day. All I know is that I need to finish all my school work that I said I was going to do at the start of these holidays. 

Moving on, my younger brother came up from Melbourne last week and so we decided to go out as a family for dinner at Southbank.  

We went to this restaurant called Viet de Lites along Grey Street and I've always underestimated my love for Vietnamese food. I can't stand to eat spicy food but even though most of the dishes we ordered had the chilli symbols marking it was spicy, it was a sweet kind of spicy, the type I like. We sat right under a heater which kept us toasty warm throughout dinner. 

How cute is Lulu? :3 
They got her a high chair and when she got on it, she looked around and saw everyone else had cutlery set and a napkin in front of them but she didn't, so she stole items from people who she sat around and even snagged herself a drink. 

I have this habit of taking photos of my food but I can't help it, I don't even know why I feel the need to but I do... 

This was my entree - Beef Rice Paper Rolls (I think I got the biggest serving for my entree compared to the rest teehee).

The entrees everyone else got. The one on the left (I think it was called Saigon Rocket) tasted really goood, the plating of the dishes made it all the more better too.


Chicken Stirfry:

Spicy Cubed Beef Stirfry (something along the lines of that):
This was my favourite dish despite the little amount of meat they had in it...

Or maybe this was the chicken stirfry... 
Someone ordered the Beef Pho but I don't even know who ate it all because that the first and last time I saw it.

At this point, my dad told me to put the camera away and start eating so I got in one last sneaky shot.

Seafood Hotpot (?):

Dessert: This was the first time I tried fried ice-cream:

There was this super awkward embarrassing moment during dinner where they gave us this bowl of rice to share (left photo below) which we passed around the table. I was the last to receive it so I just used the bowl to eat and then a while later, we needed more rice so I asked the waiter for more and she looked at me and was like 'Oh, the rice is between meant to be between four people............' because she thought I ate all the rice but I didn't and omg it was so awkward and I just wanted to make it clear to her that I didn't but she already left to get more. Never again. Every time I think about that incident I just want to curl up into a ball and stay there.  

I need to stop taking photos of my food, someone help me. Once I start term three, I'm going to stop spending money on food because like my brother said, it goes in and comes out. 

Lol, jokes, term 3 is going to be hella hard and I will need all the comfort food I can get. I don't want term three to start zzzzzz.....

Well since holidays are almost over, I thought I would share with you my most favourite items I have purchased over the past two weeks:


Ian K said...

LOL this is the exact same pic I took back in 2009 when I was in Brissy! :D

aileenzhang said...

omghahaah that's freaky

h.tea said...

Ooh pretty purchases! I'm on my last week of my month-long holiday and I haven't purchased anything D: I desperately need to go shopping ):

Your photos of your meal look amazing! I'm hungry again now zzz lol!!

aileenzhang said...

Thank you~ So jealous you get a month-long holiday! Shopping is good, you should go :D

Haahahah, I love food :3

Anonymous said...

I really like your photos :) What camera do you use? and Do you mind telling me where you got the white top with the gold tips from and how much? So lovely!

aileenzhang said...

Thank you so much~ I use Canon 60D but I'm using the camera on my phone more often now since it's more convenient. I got that top off eBay! :D