Friday, August 17, 2012

Mister Donut Appreciation Post

Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed. — Friedrich Nietzsche
I hope you all having a more interesting life than I am now right now although I'll admit, a whole day of QCS workshops didn't go as bad as I thought it would have. Mind you, I'm not saying it was fun though. In between this hectic week of my last Interhouse Athletics carnival, EKKA show holiday and a whole week of being sick, I handed in my last Maths B assignment FOREVER yesterday. YAY.

Okay, I'll back up to Athletics carnival now. Wasn't too heart broken that England House didn't win (we were far from it), there's always Interhouse choir next term HAHA. The weather was warm and the sun was shining throughout the day. The main costume/mascot theme this time round seemed to be onesies, they were everywhere!

Lucy let me borrow her owl onesie and I have to admit it got really hot after sitting in the sun, I can't even imagine how hot and stuffy being in the bear costume would have been D;

I'm not too upset it's my last athletics though lol 

OH AND OMG YUKO TOLD ME THIS AMAZING DONUT PLACE TO GO IN TAIWAN. I don't even like donuts but they are way too cute and delicious looking for me not like.

How cute do these donuts look? *u*
They're from a place called Mister Donut and even looking at their website makes me wish I was there

Ahhhhh Yuko is lovely she wrote down a whole list of places to visit it Taiwan and the places she wrote down all look absolutely amazing! I can't wait until I get to go overseas with Melisa and co. 

But for now, I will make do with my photos of pretty cakes ........

Friday, August 3, 2012

Open Day and Night

Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we already have because we’re too focused on what we want.
I apologise for not blogging sooner! Term three is so busy and I already feel like I'm falling behind with study. 

Open day/night is my favourite school event of the entire year and it's always so exciting seeing the preparations such as fairy lights all set-up days before. It's sad yet exciting to think that this is the last open day/night I will be spending as a student here.

There was this professional photographer guy with his professional camera and all taking a photograph of the main building and I jimmed in beside him and took the above photo with my phone and he just looked at me like 'wtf'........But I thought it was really pretty okay. 

The school day started off as per usual except we finished period five early and skipped period six to set up everything for the night. My other prefect Chantal and I had had to go help out the year eights with their England stall for the incoming year eights for next year. They were all so stressed because every other house were outdoing their stand with decorations (fake snow from Mackay, Hoop games from Gibson etc) and poor England had nothing much to begin with. The little ones frantically ran around searching for blue stuff but the stall looked quite good in the end (although I have no idea where they kept pulling all the blue stuff from).

People always said that since this is year we're seniors and all, we don't have to do much at all, we just sit back and enjoy the night blah blah blah. However, I found this open day the most hectic of all. I had Symphony Orchestra from from 4:10pm until 4:40pm and then Symphonic Winds from 4:40 until 5:00pm and my Interact shift started at 5:30pm and then I interchanged between the Interact and Save the Children stall with breaks in between finding people (once you get lost it is quite hard to find others).

Cindy, Eileen and Brandon even came along and watched me performed for the hour and had to leave straight after after my speedy and brief tour guided by me around the school.

I think I spent majority of the time in the CLC... don't think I even went into the other buildings. 

There was an incredible amount of food as always and omg, I am so still so full right now as I type. I thought I should just share with you all that I bought the best fudge from Lilley House for $2, best $2 spent. The strawberries and icecream were delicious too, and the hot potatoes and the waffles looked pretty good except I managed to walk away before I bought any.

Oh, and don't those lolly skewers look so delectable?

Well folks, that's my 2012 BGGS Open Day summed in a nutshell. Hope you all doing well and watching the Olympics and all the different events that Channel broadcasts......... loljks. I'm too cheap to get Foxtel okay.