Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back to This

“If they don’t need you, it’s okay, you do not live for other people.”

— Kyo
I realise it has been yonks since I last posted, who would've thought school would be this time consuming. I still have two more exams left but I've already switched to holiday mode.... whoops.

After my Chemistry exam on Friday, Em and I did a quick shop and bought some goodies before she had to leave. Luckily Cindy, Lily and Sarah were at The Jetty and said they had lots of food left over so I walked over to meet them for Lily's birthday! Southbank looks so pretty day and night at the moment for the Brisbane Festival. The sky may look absolutely perfect but it was so hot walking in the sun, I felt like I was melting.

The feeling of getting all the hard exams out of the way is incredible *u*

Today, being the amazing friend I was, helped dye Angus and Billy's hair. I did some crazy styling teehe. I could almost tie the ends into a ponytail. Billy's colour turned out quite noticeable but Angus's colour was too dark :((((

My outfit for today:

I planned to go shopping afterwards (because I thought I would have so much time after dying their hair, lol) for this upcoming Friday afterwards except by the time I began shopping, most of the stores began to close. Like do stores here all just assume everyone is home by 4pm and that no one ever goes out after 6pm.....? Because that's what I'm sensing here, or maybe it's because I'm still too young to go the places that open 24/7, if you know what I mean. Wait, no. I just want the shops to open just a bit longer, especially since I wake up so late on the weekends anyway. Billy came along to the city since he had to Pat's anyway and we got lunch, except for the fact I completely murdered my burger by attempting to cut it in half ;A;

Had a super quick browse at some stores before I went home. By the way, what's your opinion on flatforms?? Billy hates them but I really really liked this pair except I feel so tall in them. I will get my hand on a nice pair of flatforms one day.

Okay, my favourite purchases of from this week:

and my adorable phone case!

Countdown to Melbourne: 9 days



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