Friday, October 19, 2012


Just letting you know, when you let me go, I'm gone.
*Flicks hair*

28 Days until graduation folks! You would think time would go faster, but I feel like each day is slowly dragging by. I think it might be because we all know the end of high school is so very close now. I even handed in my Learners Logbook on Tuesday, all ready to get my P's except to find that there are no available dates until forever (according to QLD Transport). 

A few weeks ago (weekend before term 4 began) we had a group gathering/picnic at New Farm Park. All I can remember was that there was more than enough food for everyone there, I was sick and couldn't taste anything, my voice resembled to that of Angus Stone and it was a scorching day out in the sun. But it was lovely seeing everyone who went! Felt a bit odd seeing us all invade the park where little kids were happily eating and playing.

With Diem - On the ferry heading to New Farm Park

I think this was half the group, idk what I am doing but thanks Linda for this photo!

Well I attended Addie and Lily's combined 18th last Saturday! The party was spectacularly organised with drinks, food (so many sushi platters and finger food omg), music and the best birthday cake ever, especially the icing. 

The funny thing was though, most of us didn't even see Addie throughout the night, she just disappeared... 

Left: (Half) Asian Polaroid with Zer and Nicc and with Addie the birthday girlllll

Kristie :3

There was this point during the night where we were getting drinks and Kristie was like 'omg I'm going to make you the best drink ever' etcetc and so she went on doing all this sophisticated drink making. After she finished making the drink, she turns around and throws something in the bin and as I went to pick up the drink, she turned around again and bumped into me causing the drink to spill over her white dress. I don't think you understand how bad I felt. We tried washing it off but then it wasn't very noticeable since it was dark and that incident also explains why she stood on the same side for photos for the rest of the night.


Now I'm going to move on and tell you my frantic stocking search yesterday afternoon. I had to perform with my flute quartet at an Arts showcase yesterday afternoon at school and so prior to that, I met up with Billy to talk and eat dinner at the city. I thought we didn't have to wear stockings but then a little while before I headed back up to school, I heard that we were required to wear stocking so we frantically rushed through Priceline and Target only to realise they either didn't have the ones I needed or were in a double pack which were at ridiculously expensive prices. In the end I got a pair of knee-highs because there were no stockings at a stupid expensive price. Once I got back to school, Caroline told me that not enough people brought stockings so the teachers decided that everyone didn't need to wear stockings... NOT COOL. That means I wasted unnecessary money on knee-highs I will probably never wear. 

We performed outside which meant wind. Throughout the last piece we played, wind kept blowing my hair into my mouth which made it difficult to play and pissed me off so much because there was no subtle way to move the strand of hair out without stopping. But in a reassuring way, it was good to know I wasn't the only one that had that happen. 

Ahhhh apparently this is the first ever year where the school has had a flute quartet that performed at showcases and competitions. Moving on, all four of us realised this was our last performance as a flute quartet. I love all these girlies so dearly and it really upsets me that I'll be leaving them this year and then some grade tenner will replace me :'(

 OUR FACES LOL, Alice and I could so pull off as being sisters.

To end this post, here's a delicious photo of what Jiwon and I had on our little date teehehehe, I lub her.

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Jessica said...

27 more days to go now! Haha congrats! Are you excited? I'm going to be in your position this time, next year. I'm already so nervous! ^^; Looks like you had a great time at the park & the party. Uwaa.. I love picnics, and the weather looks great as well. Lovely and funny photos you took. The sweets look absolutely delicious & mouth-watering! Did you enjoy them? :')