Saturday, November 17, 2012

Final Week

When you leave here, don't forget why you came. - Adlai Stevenson
It's bittersweet feeling graduating from high school. I've waited five years for this and now that it's happened, I know I'm going to really miss it. The last week of school was a jam packed one.


On Monday, our cohort went on a camp/sleepover at Marrapatta. We thought we were heading straight there however, our first surprise for the trip was a stopoff and tour cruise thing at Noosa. We probably spent around an hour or so on the boat and at that time I was regretting my decision of wearing jeans however, after looking how sunburnt everyone else was afterwards, even though I felt like my legs were going to melt, at least I didn't have sunburn on the top of my legs.

After we reached our destination, our grade was split into to venues where we were going to stay for the night. Some people were in cabins some were in dorms, some were in caravans, some were in tents and some were on the cold hard dance-floor. Our group was split into two caravans which were placed next to each other furthest from the meeting point. Our caravan was called 'The Palace' but it sure ain't what I imagined a palace to be like, although it did have water, electricity, a fridge, stove, microwave, toaster, kettle and beds. We spent most our time there rehearsing our valedictory and muck up day dance. Later that night after dinner, we all watched Step Up and had a nice star-gazing session *u*


The next day included lawn bowls and more rehearsing. We returned back at school at around 3pm and had to get ready for our Valedictory Dinner which required us to be there at 5:30pm. It was quite a stressful afternoon.....

 I really enjoyed our Valedictory dinner. As it was also our principal's last year at the school, we dedicated a 'The Sound of Music' mashup (her favourite movie) to her and also a surprise mashup dance. 

 Daddy Dearest

I was impressed by the dessert lol


I felt like this day was really rushed. The first part of the day included the house farewells. I prepared myself for a lot of crying except I didn't really cry as much as I thought I would. Saying goodbye to England House was sad and I'm really going to miss seeing my house group every morning like I have for the past five years. 

The middle part of the day was rushed af. We had to sign off profiles for verification and do surveys and register for alumni and all that jazz. However, it got better in the afternoon when all the year twelves got ready for the informal assembly. Our group were The Sailors and yep :D

Most of the dances were enjoyable to watch but the end of the assembly was disappointing. We ran out of time and our song to the school was cut short, the year eleven's never got to sing their song to us and so it was not a sad event at all, like it usually had been in the past. Every time it got sad, the teachers had to tell us hurry along and ruined the mood.....

My England house group had a dinner later that night at Jojo's. Our entire house group (Except for two) including our house group teacher Mrs. Morrison was there! Words cannot describe how lovely Mrs. Morrison is, she is like our mother :3

Maddy! She was the first friend I made at BGGS because we had the same buddy :)


Speech Day. Lyn and I arrived at the Convention at around 7:30am LOL. Started rehearsals at 8am all teh way until 12:30pm. Usually I feel as if previous speech days go for ageeeeeeees but this speech day went by really fast. 

DBell's surprise video was good omg.


Year twelve's last official day at school. We had a morning tea with the teachers out in the sunshine. There were at times I thought I was going to melt then and there. Our principal surprised us with cute little cupcakes for each of the students and teachers with mock hats on top, they were so adorable.

After that, we had the final year assembly. It was so touching to see the whole school surprise us outside the theatre to send us out the white picket fence :')

The fact that I've graduated still has not sunk in yet.

But my day did not stop there. After that, our group went on a cute final sushi date. I went to Kristie's to help her get ready for a formal (which she was invited to the day before because the original partner was unable to attend...). So from hers I had to quickly head back home and get ready for the graduation dinner and had to meet up with Brendon before hand. Every thing felt overwhelming, I was travelling all over the place ahhhh I was supposed to go to Chermside during dinner but I ended up not having to, thank the lord.

Dinner was wonderful. It's been a while since I last saw some of the people there and the fact that we've graduated made the night even more special, it was nice to see them all again. We ate at Shabu House which was pretty much a sushi/hot pot buffet, so we all felt the need to eat our money's worth.

Photo spam below.

Jihae's favourtie food photo she took

 The girls, had no idea where half the guys were though, they kept disappearing.

Adrii's attempt at feeding me

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