Thursday, November 22, 2012

Weekly Update (Kinda, Not Really)

One day can make your life. One day can ruin your life. All life is, is four or five days that change everything. — Riding In Cars With Boys
In a way I regret not going to Schoolies although, in another way, I am glad I didn't go. Jiwon and I along with Jackson, Jeremy and Seeto are planning to head down tomorrow for the last day only if all goes accordingly.

I spent Monday celebrating Sandra's birthday (although it was actually Albert's birthday on that day). I met up with Sandra, Alice and Billy in the morning to buy groceries for the BBQ, walked up to Roma Park, back down to the city to have lunch with my Aunt and had to walk back up to Roma Park all the while holding a cake in the blistering heat. I felt like I was going to melt in the sun so I don't know how the guys managed to play touch without dying of heat stroke.

The scenery at Roma Park lands was so pretty, Sandra and I couldn't help but take photos as we walked back to down to the city.

Lunch - Chicken and Avocado Turkish with Chips

Most people had already arrived by the time I returned back to the BBQ. There was a point during the day where a few guys tried to see who could last the longest with ice down their pants. It was actually the most hilarious thing to watch, my stomach hurt from laughing so much. 

Cake (the strawberries and the base tasted so good!)

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute Sandra is while she opened her presents?! awwwww (I stole this photo from Jason)

So after a whole afternoon of interesting events, including ibises flying off with our food, getting William to take his shirt off (LOL) we all headed back to the city with some of walking and some of us bussing. We walked back and ended up being the first ones back there lol.

The group kinda split off after we regrouped back. Jiwon and I had this sushi date booked ageeeeeees ago because it kept getting booked out and we happened to have booked it on this day. The girls went to karaoke, the guys went off the pool, individuals left and we ended up heading off to our cute little sushi date at Kinsei Japanese Restaurant.

Best. Ever.

Yesterday (Wednesday), Natasha and I went to Dreamworld together as we both wanted to make the most of our annual passes. We just happened to go on the day The Claw had its annual maintenance... 

There was pretty much no queues for rides as it was a weekday and holidays haven't started yet so we got through so many rides in such a short period of time! We even had time to go visit the Big Brother House (even though I didn't watch any of the show when it was on television) and it's actually quite small to what I had in mind. 

 The Big Brother beds

Natashe had to leave early to go back to celebrate her brother's birthday so I decided to head off to Surfers Paradise to visit my group at Schoolies! I was supposed to go back to Brisbane to have dinner with others and I had it all planned out except the bus from Pacific Fair to Nerang Station was MORE THAN AN HOUR LATE which screwed up my entire plan. That means I won't be seeing Alice and Sandra for another month as they along with Sarah leave for Korea tonight (Sophia left earlier this morning). I hope you all have a safe flight! So other than that annoying incident which ruined my plan, I had an amazing day! 

And today, I met up with the lovely Dung! Ahhhhh I love this girl so much and we finally got to go try out San Churros! We tried the 'Fondue for Two', it was pretty delicious although we did think the fondue at Max Brenner might be slightly better and cheaper. 

On the walk back to city, this old creepy guy came up to us and started talking to us asking where we were from and stuff. I pretended like I didn't speak English but ahhhh it was super creepy. My days are quite interesting..........

Well I hope you are all doing well and hope you stay well rested and energised. I hope everyone who is going away has a safe trip and has an enjoyable trip!

Teehe graduation present from my aunt and uncle, THANK YOU :3


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