Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Overseas 2012: Taiwan

I'm sorry it's been so long since I last posted, but if you didn't already know, Melisa and I went overseas to Taiwan, Hong Kong and China for a month and it was honestly one of if not the most amazing month I've had so far. We departed Australia on the 24th of November and I returned back to Australia on the 24th of December. The reason I didn't post throughout my trip was because I didn't bring my laptop and I didn't bring my camera cord either so yep, my bad.

We had a stop-off at Hong Kong before arriving at Taiwan. Our itinerary for Taiwan was three days of free activity and then a seven-day tour around the island of Taiwan. The first place we went to was a place filled called 西门町 (Xi Men Ding). It was streets filled with shops and food stalls populated mostly with young people (our age and over...). It had Sasa, Etude House, The Face Shop, Skinfood and so many more *u* We spent an entire afternoon and night there.

 I swear we had bubble tea every day in Taiwan. A large pearl milk was about $1 AUD. Food and drinks were very very cheap, omg I miss cheap and yummy food. 

The best waffle of the trip - Green tea with red bean and let me tell you, we ate a lot of waffles throughout the trip and we both thought this was the best tasting.

Our visit to the Modern Toilet Restaurant was interesting. We ordered this shaved ice dessert and a drink which was in a urinal cup. We were already so full from eating other random food we bought along the way so we only got through half of it. We didn't finish the drink either so we had to take it around with us shopping and people looked at us weirdly, secretly judging. 

Taiwan for us mainly consisted of eating and shopping. We ate non-stop we could practically feel our double chins with every bite we took. The Taiwan Metro Station was also a really good place to shop. It had an underground mall with stalls, a level with the metro stuff and food and upstairs had restaurants. Most of our days were probably spent there, especially since we had to change lines anyway. We visited night markets at nights and so instead of having proper meals we ate the food at these night markets (so much cheap and delicious food ahhh). Night markets were the best.

Fruit parfait at Melange Cafe (near Taipei 101) on one of the nights after a night market.

After the three days f our own free activity, we went on a tour around Taiwan which started off in Taipei, went down to Kaohsiung and back up to Taipei, stopping off at touristy, worthy destinations including scenery sights, night markets, department stores and sightseeing places.

Melisa and I were trying to get Melisa's mum to help us take a photo but the photos were so slanted because she wasn't holding the camera right... Then one the guys from the group asked us to help them take a photo so I took it while Melisa photobombed behind them. After that we asked one of them to help us take a photo and they all joined HAAHHAHA

One of the hotels we stayed at *u* 

We had the best tour guide. Xiao Zhou was the typical Taiwanese guy, the way he spoke and everything was so cuteeee.

On the night we were at Kaohsiung, Billy met up with us and we walked around one of the night markets there (well technically it was more like Melisa and Billy walking together and I was 5 metres behind them fml). Actually, don't even get me started on that night lol. The end was pretty alright though. After that night in Kaohsiung, we headed back up to Taipei stopping off every so often to sight see. 

Okay I feel like this is turning into an extremely long post filled mainly with photos so to sum the rest up, we spent the last day of tour at Taipei 101. We got a photo at the big LOVE sign at the end since we couldn't find it on our own lol. We had to ask so many people to help us take the photo because no one knew how to use the DSLR properly and the photos were all blurry and some had the top part of the LOVE cut off, it was quite frustrating.

I can't quite remember what we spent the last night doing but after that, we headed back to the airport for our flight to Hong Kong!

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