Friday, December 13, 2013

And I Was Like, Baby

Honestly, what is a holiday? Anyway, despite not studying due to my lack of motivation, I spend majority of my time at work or eating when I should really be sleeping. 

Bircher Muesli at one of my favourite cafes in West End

Since I have spare time on my hands these days, I am babysitting Lulu and Sophie more! Spent the first day at Southbank with Sophie and a few days after, we spent the afternoon at Rocks Riverside Park with Sophie and Lulu. Each time, the little ones always end up asleep on the drive home, awww hehehe.

Sophie eats so much oml

Also, Josh introduced me to this cool app called Beanhunter which is simliar to Urbanspoon except it's focused on coffees and cafes. The Bunker sells really nice cold press coffees, they have different types, personally I prefer the soy one over the full creamy but others beg to differ...


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Isn't She Lovely?

Adrii, your voice is just woah. All those times at  karaoke when I would hear you sing and wished you kept singing :')

Every one needs to watch this.
Every one needs to like, share and subscribe.
Every one needs to tell all their friends.
I'm your #1 fan okay.

Saturday, November 30, 2013


Hello readers! I hope you have all been doing well. For those who have gotten results back, I hope you achieved amazing results and if you didn't get what you expected, just take it as a learning curve and it can only make you stronger right? 

Anywaaaay, summer semester commenced at the beginning of this week for me. I'm studying MATH2000 over these holidays to get it out of the way since it'll be my last purely mathematically based course for me. Eileen is also doing it and so that's actually one of my biggest reasons that I'm doing it. I don't want to study MATH2000 alone next year :( 

I finally got to catch up with Kristie on Monday night for dinner after our original brunch plans had to change. I swear this girl just disappears during semesters.

Pollo E Spinaci at Vapianos

Christmas is approaching ya'll! Passion Tree are all ready and set for this festive season with our Christmas menu launching on December 1st (tomorrow). My personal favourite is this adorable Christmas cake, it's super delicious too.   

How cute are the decorations?? I bet you this cake is aimed for people like me who get so easily amused by cute little details.

Brunch with my lovely Dung at Oliver & Co.

Mecca Bah with the 바보

On Thursday night, I had my first experience of seeing Catching Fire and Captain at a Drive-in Cinema! I was so excited I felt like a little kid going to Disneyland HAAHA. Catching Fire was intense although I was confused during parts of the movie and the ending was such a cliffhanger. Captain Phillips was ridiculously intense but overall amazing movies.

So, after being on my 'Eat' list for so long, I finally got a chance to visit Rogue Bar & Bistro in Newstead. Despite the rain and going an hour later than planned, we managed to grab breakfast outside. 

My Granola with Coconut Yoghurt and Fresh Berries 

Until next time, 

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Last post, I ended saying I was going to Adrii's birthday dinner which was held at Wagaya in the Valley. I was there a lot earlier than she seemed to be which was funny since I am rarely that early to something. I just bummed outside for a good while while I waited for others to arrive. 

Ordered an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic drink and the non-alcoholic tasted so much better.

Sandra, Alice and I shared food and drinks and we ended up ordering quite a lot. Shame that we had to leave at eight since the room was booked by others so before they told us we had to stop ordering, every one just bulked ordered a ridiculous amount of food. 

With the birthday girl!

That same night, I had to leave to Gold Coast as I was apart of the Red Frog Crew! It was such an amazing experience and I gained so much from it even though I only went for three days and I hope I'll be able to go for the whole time next year. I have so many funny stories and interesting experiences to tell and my team was just awesome and we somehow survived our 6am shift which was delegated to us on the first night. 

 View from the hotel I stayed at

On the way back to Brisbane, some of my Connect Group came down to the Coast (the people who weren't already there from RF) and ended up at Josh's for a movie and dinner. We managed to get a pretty good cook-up and set-up happening for dinner too! 

So now that I'm back in Brisbane, I've just been working and eating I suppose. Eileen's birthday dinner was on Tuesday night. It was at Parklands and we all ate a lot and ended the night at Billy's pool place and despite the amount of times I've watched people play pool, I legit still suck at it. Steph and I probably had one of the most slowest games ever oml. 

With Melisa at dinner | Can't believe this time last year we were about to go overseas!

Yeeeh, as I said, a lot of eating...

I decided to be all experimental and ordered the 'Black Pudding'... It tasted interesting LOL But the Affogato was sooo nice (probably because it was 90% vanilla ice-cream but nevertheless it tasted delicious)

Yesterday night, Bella had her birthday dinner at Zuri Bar and Dining which is in the Valley. I've been meaning to go here with Jiwon and Sarah but never ended up going so it was pretty exciting finally being able to go check this place out. Luckily Wednesday happened to be 'All-You-Can-Eat Sushi and Tapas' and we just kept the food coming platter after platter... after platter. The bar is quite chic and it was just wonderful being able to see friends who I haven't seen in ageeees. Since I drove there I wasn't able to drink any cocktails but if I go again next time, I ain't driving. 

Omagah polaroids!

I had work this morning and I ended up having my first meal at 3pm. Thank goodness for all day breakfasts. 

 Grilled Chicken Salad with Pumpkin & Fetta | Open Breakfast Turkish

I hope you are all doing well, good luck to the people who still have exams and enjoy your holidays to the people who are on holidays! Thirteen days until I leave for Melbourne and reunite with my twinnniieee Jiwon AHHHH

Friday, November 15, 2013

Love Punked

Hey ya'll! I have survived first year engineering (unless I have to take a supp, lol) but nevertheless, I'm not going to worry since exams are over! I hope you all studied hard and did well on your exams :) & congratulations to all the seniors of 2013 for graduating already, I can't believe it's already been a year since I graduated...

The night before my final exam, I got love punked by Jenny Im and Kara Fung! I was studying at uni and they came and surprised me with a few of my favourite things. It was incredibly sweet of them and it just made my exam block a million times better and I probably did the best on my last exam out of all my exams... "For I know the plans that I have for you; plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11

For those of you who don't know who Jenny is, I'll tell you one thing about her: she eats, a lot. Us and a few others had been talking about this Superbowl Pho Challenge at My Pho Bar for a while now and that she should try it before she goes back to Sydney. She ended up leaving earlier than the time she was originally leaving so I was determined to watch her finish the bowl before she left. One random afternoon, before one of her exams, I messaged her telling her Josh and Simon were also going to do the challenge so she agreed to do it too even though she already ate a meal before her exam. Jessie, Steph and I watched as the three attempted the challenge and I honestly still cannot believe Jenny finished it. She's the youngest and the first female champion! And for that, she also won a mini iPad!

The bowl was the size of my basin at home, no joke. 
3L of soup, 800g of beef and 800g Pho noodles oml. 

The feeling of finishing exams is so satisfying, just walking out of the exam room and being like 'yep lol okay HOLIDAYS'  pretty much sums up my feelings. The day after my exam, Adrii and I (Sarah was too busy for us...) had brunch at Moose & Gibson after Adrii drooled over Instagram posts of the Potted Eggs she finally ordered for days. The place is located in Woolloongabba and wasn't too difficult to find.

Adrii is so adorable heehehe awwww

Adrii's Potted Eggs | My Bircher Muesli *u*

This morning, Josh and I went to watch Teresa bby's graduation/portfolio giving ceremony at her school. I don't how I woke up so early despite sleeping so late but my sleeping pattern has gone a tad weird since exams...

Flowers for Teresa | Breakfast smoothie from Quench mmmm

What a happy chap, stay safe at Schoolies xx

Along with Teresa's sister, we all went to Dandelion and Driftwood for brunch! 

Cold Drip Melon Green Tea | So refreshing in this ridiculous heat


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Photo Update

Wow, super duper long time no post! But it's okay, you haven't really missed out on much since all I've been doing lately is uni, work, sleep and eat maybe with a few events here and there. I've almost finished exams for this year, my last one is next Tuesday then I'll be free for two weeks before Summer Semester!  

I've been quite obsessed with this cafe called French Twist; but it's mostly because people keeping asking me to take them there so it's a win win situation I suppose :D

Snickers and salted caramel macarons; they taste so gooooood omg, worth every cent

I think the most exciting part about mid-semester exams (apart from them all ending) was when I received this package from my mum down in Melbourne. It made me so happy heehehe 

Flower picking with Eileen after Thermo mid-sem exam, courtesy of Steph :)

I also received this package in the mail on the day of my last day (one day before the Business Ball)! Receiving parcels in the mail is like Christmas, seriously.

Business Balling! It was really fun to get dressed up and spend a night with all of my lovely friends. Every one looked so wonderful ahhhh

Saw Rihanna in concert with Bella and Jolanta!!!!!!!! She is an incredible performer and amazing to watch live and it was also the first concert I've been to.

 Spent a girl's night in with Jenny, Kara, Shimona and Heidi baking maracons, Mars Bar slice, brownies and making Viet rolls! It was truly a wonderful sight when we saw how well our (Adriano Zumbo) macarons turned out!

Lulu's 21st - Prettiest decorations, everything was set out so nicely ahhh I want my 21st to be something like that. 

At Bonsai Botanika - I'll leave that interesting cockroach story for another time... LOL 

Soyoung (part of our Passion Tree Family) left to Korea, nuuuuu :'(


Monday, August 12, 2013

S for Sanity

It is currently 1am and I've just finished reading who knows how many pages regarding Trebuchets, projectile and trajectory motion. I don't usually watch Youtube, but when I do, I watch how linear rails function #whatislife. To retain some sanity, I thought I'd blog a bit about what been happening in the past week or so (which is basically nothing, lol).

Monday-Thursday generally comprises of university and frivolous breaks and catch up sessions with friends and this week was no different. I had work on Thursday and Friday night as I do so nothing too special there either. Buuuuut, on Friday morning, Bella, Hannah and I went to have brunch at a cute cafe near UQ since French Twist was too far away since we had a 10am start. We're starting our very own brunch committee for the lols. 

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon | yummmm 

Hannah is so photogenic 

On Saturday, Amelia had her 18th at the Fringe Bar. The venue was perfect for the event as she hired out the top level of the bar. We only got there two hours late since dinner did but didn't go as planned. 

Being the indecisive people we are, we intially went to Wagaya but they didn't have a table until 9:30pm (it was around 8pm at the time) and we were super hungry so we ended up at the Emporium instead. Freestyle Tout (can you believe it I still have not yet been yet?!) had a fifteen minute wait and since we were starving we ended up at Mecca Bah as we were able to get a table straight away! The place was buzzing, there were so many people and the food and drinks were delicious.

 Turkish Bread and Dips | Summer Passion Mocktail

Lamb with Lemon, herbs etcetc with Cous Cous | Spiced Chicken Pizza

Hope you all have a lovely week xo.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Wallet is Crying

Back to university which most likely means, less posts during semester but I will try to update as much as possible! Some bigger events that have occurred throughout these past weeks include my baby girl Srh finally turned 18!! She organised a pre-birthday dinner since Shelley couldn't make it to her pink party.

Later that week, Srh had a pink themed apartment party which meant every one had to wear (except the birthday girl) otherwise you would have to face consequences. I honestly was not planning to drink much but Srh kept making me take shots and since it was her birthday, I couldn't refuse because I'm such a great friend...

Thank you Srh and Jason for organising such a fun filled night :D

So many people are turning 18 this month, my wallet is crying. Jess had a lovely, cute gathering with her family and close friends at this super hip cafe (she hired the place for the night as a function) called Shucked in Newstead. I haven't seen Jess since my 18th and it was definitely a great night reuniting with Jess, Bella and Kristie since there was a point in high school where just us four comprised of a group haahha.

Dinner and dessert were spectacular! I ordered the salmon stack with avocado which was basically avocado wrapped in salmon and oml it tasted amazing *u* There were three alternating desserts, but the brownie won me over. 

Jess is so beautiful I can't even

Good luck with this term/semester and hope to most more regularly this semester!