Tuesday, January 8, 2013


There are many things in life to be thankful for, so don't let one ungrateful individual ruin your entire day.
Okay, well, since I returned from overseas (about two weeks ago), I've only eaten at home twice lol. I don't even know what I'm doing with my life everyday any more.

I spent yesterday evening with Sarah, Adrii, Brendon, Jason and Khang for dinner and dessert at Oxford Street, Bulimba. Sarah thought it'd be cute to catch the ferry from Southbank to Bulimba while Jason, the more practical one out of all of us insisted to catch the bus since it only took around ten minutes while the ferry took fourty-five. I like how we caught the ferry anyway.

We had dinner at The Jetty, which was conveniently located next to the ferry terminal except it was pretty disappointing when the restaurant overbooked our reservation. Our table was originally placed along the patio where we could have had an amazing view of the river, however, we got placed along the wall... Meals took ages to arrive, so by the time they made it to the table we were all starving and dug right in. We ordered the chicken quesadilla with spiced avocado & sour cream; pizza with pancetta, pesto, kalamata olives & buffalo mozzarella; potato gnocchi with basil pesto, heirloom tomatoes & buffalo mozzarella and grilled eye fillet with potato fondant, wild mushrooms, double smoked bacon & veal glaze. I thought the gnocchi tasted quite nice, except the serving portion was too small.

The Chicken Quesadilla that tasted too spicy for Adrii to handle. Sarah has nicer photos on her blog here: http://srhtrng.blogspot.com.au/

 Jason and Sarah are too cute 

After dinner, we strolled over to Mud Bar where we had dessert and met up with Melisa since she was there with other friends beforehand. Sarah and Jason ordered this drool worthy Death Row which was basically twelve or so different types of chocolate combined into one dessert. If you haven't been to Mud Bar, I would highly recommend you to try their desserts.

 We crossed Love St. along the way, awwww.

 Khang and Adrii's Ferrero dessert.

Brendon and my Mud Chocolate Tape.

My sneaky shot since he says he doesn't like photos that much 

The city lights were so pretty on our way back to Southbank via ferry.

I spent my afternoon today with my lovely Bella for a cute brunch date at Brew. I've been planning to go there for quite some time now and it's an underground cafe along Queen Street Mall opposite Top Sushi and Mos Burger. I ordered a smoked chicken and pesto toasted sandwich and yep, I also highly recommend you try that place out too.

It was also my first time eating at Wara Wara for dinner, as I met up with Melisa, Sandra and Alice later on. I ordered the Chicken Mayo Don and it was reasonably priced and the portion was just right, considering how hungry I was by then. We continued being fatties and ordered the Deluxe Tasting Plate at Movenpick. We ordered (from top right to bottom left): Creme Brulee (my favourite out of them all), Panacotta, Tiramisu, Maple Walnut, Rum and Raisin (the rum flavour was so intense) and Cappuccino.

I'm leaving to Melbourne tomorrow night and I will be returning back home either late January or early February so hopefully I'll keep blogging while I'm away, not that you will be missing out on much. 

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