Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sleeping my Days Away

You are a fortunate person, indeed, if you can begin each day accepting the fact that during that day there will be ups and downs, good breaks and bad ones, disappointments, surprises, unexpected turns of events. — Roy Benjamin
This week in Melbourne has honestly gone by quicker than I imagined, and there's only two more weeks before I head back home. My days have been occupied with either sleeping, lots of eating, shopping, walking and oh did I mention eating? But it's not really a holiday as such when I come since I used to live to here, it's more of a time to spend time with my mum and to re-energise. And the typical Melbournian weather is still dramatically changing on an hourly/daily basis. It was around 35 degrees on the day I arrived and then it went down to around 20 degrees the next two days...

Moving on, one of my favourite places that I usually visit are the arcades and lane-ways found in the Melbourne CBD. They have lovely cafes, stores and displays where everything just looks delicate and pretty.

Interior of The Block Arcade

 The Royal Arcade where one the most delicious macaroon store is located.

How pretty are these cakes? They look so delicious omg. I'm definitely going to have to try out Hopetoun Tea Room before I leave Melbourne. 

I was going to bring my DSLR but it was too heavy and so my dad and brother said not to and WHY DID I LISTEN TO THEM?!? I wish I brought it since I have never had a chance to bring my camera to Melbourne before.

Since Melbourne has daylight savings, the sky is still bright even at 9pm which is strange because it usually gets dark in Brisbane at around 6. It's really nice to go for a stroll along the beach or pier after dinner and watch the sunset but it's like couple central. Couples everywhere you look lol, e v e r y w h e r e .

OH and today while walking across the bridge from Crown Casino, this man was walking and hopped on the edge, grabbed out the fishing rod and started fishing, it was so random.

And remember that time I won that $200 dress voucher? AHEEHAHEHEHA

Congratulations to everyone who got their university offers and good luck to people who are still waiting for the other rounds!!

This is what I'll most likely be doing unless I decide to choose my VTAC offer (which come out tomorrow) instead :)


Ian K said...

are you a tourist?

aileenzhang said...

I'm lacking friends O K