Saturday, March 2, 2013

'I promise I'll blog more,' she said.

같은 하늘아래에 산다면, 언젠간 만나지겠지.
If we live under the same sky, we’ll probably meet some day.
I apologise for my lack of updates,; I feel like I haven't had much time lately even though I can't recall exactly what I've been dong with my life every day lately either (apart from eating and falling behind with uni work already). Noggi has also taken up a large proportion of my life.

So if you don't already know, I finally got my P's last week which means I can legally drive by myself which is always exciting, except I don't think I'll be driving too much with uni and all. Oh and I also got a MacBook Air while in Melbourne as a graduation present from my mum. The whole Mac OS system is taking me a while to get used to and it's so annoying how quite a few programs aren't compatible with the Mac. I miss Photoshop T___T

I know this is super duper belated, but Happy Chinese New Year! I hope you all had a great start to another Lunar Year and best wishes to you all. I spent CNY Eve with my family and we went to this restaurant (forgot the name of it) at Sunnybank. All the adults with the little ones were on the big table so they shoved Lyn, Jenny and I on our mini table of three which was off to the side. We felt so included with the whole family :')

We are such a social bunch, even the little ones at the back are playing on the iPad LOL

Here are a few quick photos that shows what I've been up to, not really. I update more on my Instagram, so I think you should go follow me through this link here.

Visited GOMA with my lovelies, Salina, Sandra, Jihae, Jiwon and Alice.

At the pre-uni gathering at Brendon's.

UQ Market Day was last last Wednesday and I went along with Jiwon, Tony, Jason, Seeto, Verrall, Pat and some others who we bumped into. People were everywhere that there was no phone reception which made it difficult to find people. Jiwon and Jason signed up for Street Groove and I said I wasn't going to join unless Seeto did because I honestly never thought he would join, but he gave into peer pressure and joined. At least this means I get to my dear Jiwon every week! I also joined BSA, The L Card, EUS and Skirts that day.

For orientation week, I only went on Market Day and the compulsory project day for engineers. We got into groups and had to build a bridge with specific instructions and materials. Some teams just made a raft/plank out of paddle pop sticks which was actually CHEATING SINCE MY TEAM BUILT A LEGIT BRIDGE OUT OF PADDLE POP STICKS AND A LOT OF STICKY TAPE. Our group got the award for the best teamwork in our pod though.

Our team was on yellow table six so we even had six flags on our bridge. We named our bridge 'The Yellow Brick Road'. The teams were chosen randomly by the way. When we walked into the UQ centre, we each got handed a slip of paper which had a table number and colour on it. Luckily Melisa and Simon were on the same table as me, so I wasn't alone.

Last Friday night was the UQ and QUT Toga Party! I got ready with Bella and Kristie and drove over to Pat's to park then took a cab to QUT. We spent a while getting ready that we almost had no time to make our togas. By the end I just did whatever hoping my toga would stay up throughout the night. I saw so many people who I hadn't seen since last year which and there were just so many people there in general all dressed up in togas. 

Now, I survived my first week of university which is always a good thing. I still can't believe I'm already a uni student and the fact I'm 18 in two more weeks is even more bizarre. As a treat to celebrate my first week, my parents took me out to high tea yesterday afternoon :D

Hopefully I'll have more updates soon, so stay tuned 

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