Sunday, May 26, 2013

I do

Love doesn’t make the world go around; Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. 
— Franklin P. Jones
The long awaited wedding of Gabriel (my cousin) and Cindy finally came. I arrived to Lyn's house a bit late due to university related issues and the point of going to Lyn's house was to greet the bride and groom, take photos and eat before going to the church. I wasn't sitting in a particularly good spot, since a lectern was blocking my view and I had no where else to sit since everywhere that I could possibly sit were already full, so this is the best photo I have of the newlyweds (they look so cute together)!

Afterwards, everyone headed across the road to take group photos with the two except it ended up being take photos with whoever whenever, until it was your turn to take the professional photos. 

Lil Lu - how cute are we? (by we I mean me, jks, how cute is Lulu)?

The reception was held later at night at the Hilton Hotel! When I arrived at the lobby, I headed straight towards the food Lyn recommended LOL. The canapés tasted incredibly delicious, we pretty much followed the waitresses around. 

The wedding had a theme of all the destinations in Europe Gabriel and Cindy have visited. Even their gifts to the guests where mini suitcase type things which you'll see later in a photo. Each tabe was even named after a city in Europe. I was on Bern, Switezerland.

Lyn and I 

Outside in the lobby, they had this table with all the letters which included a different photo of them at a different place where guests could write them a note to place on a board shown below. The board was completely covered by the end of the night. 

When I entered the ballroom, I was in complete awe as I saw the tables and decorations, it was evident that a incredible amount of effort was put into every little detail.

I had Lyn, Jenny, Jenny's bofy, Daniel and these other randoms who would occasionally talk to us about weird, weird things on my table. I sat in between Lyn and Daniel.

The mini suitcase box as gifts to the guests. All the tables looks absolutely perfect *u*

The night contained of speeches, amazing food, laughing, crying, dancing, taking photos and now I want to have a wedding HAAHAAHAHAH The wedding cake was so adorable. Gabriel prosed to Cindy on this mountain (forgot which mountain but I think it was in Switzerland?) up in the clouds and this cake was a little replica and they even had dry ice to give the cloudy effect when they were cutting the cake. It was cuteness overland, omg. I can't even explain how cute the entire wedding was.

Ohp, and here's a shameless bathroom selfie wweew

OH AND THE MOST EXCITING PART WAS WHEN I "CAUGHT" THE BRIDE'S BOUQUET. Basically, they had 25 ribbons attached to the bouquet except only one of them was actually attached and you had to pick a random string. WELL MY RIBBON WAS THE ONE RIBBON THAT WAS ATTACHED :D

I didn't even think how the night could have gotten any better.

Today also made Lyn and I realise how lonely we are :( 

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