Sunday, June 30, 2013

#Melbourne | KK

Excuse me while I just live in Melbourne and never return back. I kid, I kid...

On Friday night, Jessie took me to Blurple which was basically this end of semester party at Crown Casino hosted by two asian committees from Monash and Melbourne University. She also introduced me to her group of friends who are not only hot but are also super smart. 98% of them either do medicine or biomedicine... Catherine was nice enough to host predrinks at hers beforehand, so we met up at the last tram stop at Port Melbourne. Thankfully, she lived close to me so I was able to walk there. Predrinks got a little crazy and we initially ordered maxi taxis to take us to Crown except they never turned up so we ended up just taking a tram there and got there quite late. 

Oh and I was also introduced to this dance thing that seems to be the rave in Melbourne called the 'Juicy Wiggle.' It looks ridiculous but it was actually pretty funny to imitate. I'm going to bring it over to the clubs in Brisbane HAAHAHAHA

I fangirled when I found out her sister is Connie from Kisforkani! I told her she looked like Connie and she was like 'she's my sister!'

After I finally decided to roll out of bed the following day, it was pretty much almost dinner time so my mum and I had a little adventure and decided to eat at Richmond. Even though we ate so much for dinner, we still had room for dessert and drove back to the CBD to have Max Brenner! 

Tutti-frutti waffle/strawberries and bananas w/vanilla ice-cream 

Today, we went to St. Kilda to look at the markets and visit Luna Park since the last time I was there was way back in 2006 when my primary school took us there as a farewell excursion for year sixes. Looking at the gate just brought back so many memories, back when I thought Luna Park was the best place in the world (had not been to any of the theme parks in Gold Coast, obviously).

 Elephant Ride with Lisa!

 Pretty handmade bangles at one of the stalls *u*

 My cousin came over for dinner and brought us Krispy Kremes! This was the first time I tried these since I am not the biggest fan of donuts.

During dinner, the fire evacuation alarm went off throughout the apartment so everyone had to make their way out of the apartment. The fire engines came before we even made our way out. While we were standing out there, I saw this guy walking back towards to the apartment with grocery bags in his hands and I was just thinking he was probably just like 'wtf is happening?! I just went to buy groceries...' He came over and was like to guy beside me, 'Man, I should've turned off my oven' (as a joke ofc).

Yep okay, that's enough rambling from me now.

Until next time lovelies X.

Friday, June 28, 2013


I probably still haven’t adapted to the world.
— Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood
Hello my lovelies, I am currently in Melbourne! I arrived yesterday afternoon and this probably the first time I have time to finally lie in my lazy clothes, lay on the bed and just relax.

Eating overpriced airport food and reading Sarah's blog while waiting for my flight.

Straight after I got off the airplane, I went to the CBD for lunch  with my brother then went home. Later in the afternoon, Sarah and Jason trammed their way to Port Melbourne to meet up with me since they're here for a week.

Afterwards, we went to Chadstone with high hopes of purchasing lots of clothes, however I was the only one that ended up buying clothes... We covered majority of the shopping centre which meant our feet were almost dead but we ended up walking more around the CBD where we had Grill'd and Harajuku Crepes for dinner and dessert.

La Belle macarons - Sarah tried their salted caramel flavour which tasted pretty good except the outside was a bit too crunchy for my liking.

Sarah and Jason's apartment is actually located in a great area, close to the CBD and is surrounded by so many nice cafes and restaurants. By the time we finally arrived to the apartment, we all collapsed on the chairs and enjoyed a glass of bubbly. Our plan was to sleep early but that never happened...

The next morning, we strolled over to Hardware Street to have brunch at the Hardware Societe since Urbanspoon had excellent reviews for the place. Once we arrived, we realised that it was definitely a very popular cafe since the waiting time to get a table was at least half an hour.

Instead of waiting, we opted for the cafe opposite called Silo by Joost. That cafe was also quite busy as the tables inside were packed so we sat outside. Thankfully, they supplied fleece blankets so I wouldn't freeze to death.

Fruit salad - fresh oats - yoghurt - chia seeds and a mocha 

With my dearest Sarah

Jason didn't feel like anything from the menu at Silo by Joost so we walked across the street to Giraffe Cafe afterwards. Sarah also ended up trying the creme brulee she was craving. Continuing with the touristy experience, we visited the Queen Victoria Markets. 

Jessie is taking me out tonight weeew


Saturday, June 22, 2013

You Lucky Thing

He looked at her the way all women wanted to be looked at by a man.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby

I survived semester one of university! Only another 7 to go...
And you can read how I celebrated my last exam on my other blog here

On Tuesday, my wonderful Ayi took me out to a celebratory lunch for the end of semester. I am honestly so lucky to have her, I don't know what I would have done without her for the past few years. I wish we had gotten closer sooner.

Prawn Spaghetti  & Salmon Stack *u*

Lemon meringue tart

My holiday read

Basically, I've just been catching up with friends who I haven't seen in ages since every body seems to be so busy these days. Bella, Kristie and I met up for brunch at Comfort at my Table on Wednesday morning. I haven't seen Kristie since our Gold Coast trip back in the mid-semester break!

Bella's leaving me for a month to go to Europe, lucky thing

I ordered the Eggs Benedict w/Smoked Salmon since it looked so good last time Jiwon ordered it

I looked so bad in all the photos with Kristie so I'm sorry Kristie:(

After brunch, I met up with Seeto, Pat and Jackson and we drove down to the Coast to meet up with Chenny since he and Jackson had their last exam. Meanwhile, Seeto, Pat and I bussed to Harbour Town (my first time going) and I was quite disappointed, especially hearing how good it was from others. I don't think any of us bought anything.

Get out of my photo Seeto, gosh.

We then checked out Chenny's house he stays during the week. I was pretty impressed at how nice the place looked! Our original plan was to go watch a movie afterwards, except tickets were $17.00 for The Great Gatsby so we just headed back to Brisbane since every one was pretty dead by then. It's okay, since we watched it on Friday. I thought the movie was good, it made me think how selfish people can be, since Gatsby did e v e r y t h i n g for Daisy and yeh. But boy oh boy, wouldn't it be wonderful if I had that lavish lifestyle.

This morning, I finally caught up with my one and only Dung! I adore our dates since she's one of closest friends form high school. For brunch, we went to Gramercy in Wintergarden and talked for ages :)

We both ordered the Bacon Butty Bagel

Oh and can you believe she's never been to Passion Tree before?! As a great friend I am, I took her there for the first time and she obviously loved it HAAHAAHAHAHA 

I also really wanted to watch Despicable Me 2 today but the movie was all sold out when Josh and I got there. Monsters University and Fast 6 were all sold out too. All I want to watch is Depiscable Me 2, is that so much to ask for?? T____T

Hope you are all having a lovely holiday so far

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Can you tell I love brunch?

Because I'm so not procrastinating or anything...
On Tuesday, Bella and I went on a brunch date to West End; our original plan was to go to Comfort at My Table in Milton but I missed the stop and Bella was at Southbank anyway so West End it was! We walked around looking at the different cafes around, and settled at Suburban which was across from Gunshop Cafe. 

My delicious avocado stack mmmm 

After brunch we walked around exploring little shops here and there. Bella said she knew a cool place that was apparently close, but we spent so long looking for it before she said she actually forgot where it was... 

I know, I know, I should be studying more hey. Buuuut, brunch is more important so Jiwon and I went to have brunch on Thursday morning at Comfort at My Table (read more on our blog here: 

Attempting to study before work

My lovely photography and editing skills on a phone:

And a random photo of Bagel Nook from a couple weeks ago; I also love bagels.

Okay, I really should go study now. xx