Sunday, June 30, 2013

#Melbourne | KK

Excuse me while I just live in Melbourne and never return back. I kid, I kid...

On Friday night, Jessie took me to Blurple which was basically this end of semester party at Crown Casino hosted by two asian committees from Monash and Melbourne University. She also introduced me to her group of friends who are not only hot but are also super smart. 98% of them either do medicine or biomedicine... Catherine was nice enough to host predrinks at hers beforehand, so we met up at the last tram stop at Port Melbourne. Thankfully, she lived close to me so I was able to walk there. Predrinks got a little crazy and we initially ordered maxi taxis to take us to Crown except they never turned up so we ended up just taking a tram there and got there quite late. 

Oh and I was also introduced to this dance thing that seems to be the rave in Melbourne called the 'Juicy Wiggle.' It looks ridiculous but it was actually pretty funny to imitate. I'm going to bring it over to the clubs in Brisbane HAAHAHAHA

I fangirled when I found out her sister is Connie from Kisforkani! I told her she looked like Connie and she was like 'she's my sister!'

After I finally decided to roll out of bed the following day, it was pretty much almost dinner time so my mum and I had a little adventure and decided to eat at Richmond. Even though we ate so much for dinner, we still had room for dessert and drove back to the CBD to have Max Brenner! 

Tutti-frutti waffle/strawberries and bananas w/vanilla ice-cream 

Today, we went to St. Kilda to look at the markets and visit Luna Park since the last time I was there was way back in 2006 when my primary school took us there as a farewell excursion for year sixes. Looking at the gate just brought back so many memories, back when I thought Luna Park was the best place in the world (had not been to any of the theme parks in Gold Coast, obviously).

 Elephant Ride with Lisa!

 Pretty handmade bangles at one of the stalls *u*

 My cousin came over for dinner and brought us Krispy Kremes! This was the first time I tried these since I am not the biggest fan of donuts.

During dinner, the fire evacuation alarm went off throughout the apartment so everyone had to make their way out of the apartment. The fire engines came before we even made our way out. While we were standing out there, I saw this guy walking back towards to the apartment with grocery bags in his hands and I was just thinking he was probably just like 'wtf is happening?! I just went to buy groceries...' He came over and was like to guy beside me, 'Man, I should've turned off my oven' (as a joke ofc).

Yep okay, that's enough rambling from me now.

Until next time lovelies X.

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