Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'll See You Real Soon

Aside from my Melbourne withdrawals, apologies for such a delayed post as Jiwon's farewell picnic actually occurred last Saturday... 

Every one had to bring something home-made for the picnic, so since I was sleeping over at Jiwon's the night before, we decided to make pizza scrolls! They turned out better than we had expected (although some scrolls were a bit more burnt at the bottom than others) and ended up making 100+ of them on top of our lemon lime bitters and crackers and dip. There ended up being so much food yet we all somehow managed to finish everything by the end of the day.

Mitchell and Adrian's chocolate brownies were super delicious and Teresa made these cute pastry box things and macarons! 

Majority of the group - So many Asian's at Roma Street, people were staring at us looooool 

My cute little Teef

Can't believe she's leaving in two days D;

Also can't believe uni starts in a few days either...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

#Melbourne | That Quarter

Well folks, this marks the end of my Melbourne trip for these holidays as I will be back in the comfort of my own room by this time tomorrow. My morning started off with university sign ons for MATH1051 and MATH1052. I thought I was so sneaky by right clicking on the links and opening each sign-on on a new page. However, only did I realise after I clicked all my classes I wanted, that that method didn't work, so when I refreshed my page I had only signed into one class instead of five! The tute and prac class I wanted were already full so I had to alter my timetable which was frustrating. The lecture I wanted for MATH1052 was also full which didn't make sense since all the other streams were at the same venue and had a class of 400 students whereas the stream I wanted only had 150 spaces available. When I was on my way to meet Helen and Annie, some guy posted on the Facebook page that the stream I wanted was open again and since Sinet is incredibly slow and crappy, I called up Seeto to change it for me :')

This afternoon, I met up with one of my primary school best friends Helen as I usually do and Annie who I met at the beginning of this year! We planned to have brunch at a cafe in Degraves Street but by the time we got there, brunch was over and we had to choose from the lunch menus #firstworldproblems.

After searching for a cafe we found had fantastic ratings on Urbanspoon, we gave up since we couldn't find the "underground; hole in the wall" were it was apparently located according to reviews, so we settled at a cafe called The Quarter.

Going strong since'05  (Helen wasn't even cold!)

I ended up taking Helen and Annie around since they didn't know where else to go but we just walked around looking for black, floppy, felt hats. 

Melbourne has been amazing, thank you to everyone who made it that much more special and enjoyable! I don't want to leave bu I'm also looking forward to heading back to Brisbane and seeing every one back there. So I guess I'll see you in six months Melbourne heehehehe  


Monday, July 8, 2013

#Melbourne | The Societe Spoiler

In case you didn't already know, my last trip to The Hardware Societe located in Hardware St failed miserably. Actually we didn't even go because Sarah, Jason and I were starving and the waiting time was far too long for our liking so we opted for the cafe across called Silo by Joost instead. Buuuut, I was determined to go there before I left Melbourne as I've heard such great reviews about the place, so Lilly and I decided to have brunch there today. We strategically planned to meet in front of The Hardware Societe so in case one of us was late, the other could wait first for a table. I happened to be the early one and was told initially that it was a fourty-five mintue wait... The place was really packed considering it was a Monday morning. Thankfully, we only ended up waiting around twenty minutes and had an enjoyable conversation with the people behind us! 

Soy mocha and a delicious, cute little cinnamon donut ball

Mushrooms | Field mushrooms, romesco, roasted leeks, goats chèvre & fried eggs 

After brunch, Lilly and I had some bonding time before my mum picked me up and we spent the rest of the  afternoon at Chadstone Shopping Centre. Ahhhhh I felt so spoilt today *u*

Another day another box heehehe

I also had to purchase a new suitcase LOL and my circle lens also arrived in the mail today!

Tomorrow is my last day in Melbourne tomorrow T^T

Saturday, July 6, 2013

#Melbourne | Adventure Time

I can't believe I'm going back to Brisbane in a few days, I don't want to leave, you can't make me go back nooooooo. But I have got to say, this has honestly been my funnest trip to Melbourne so far, every thing is a lot more fun when you have friends har har har. 

Yesterday, Ian and I went an adventure around the back streets and alleys of the CBD and I had the ultimate tourist experience. Half the time we didn't really know where we were heading since I was leading that part but exploring is always fun, right? I'm pretty sure we covered most of the lanes and alleys since we walked nonstop the entire afternoon and even did some overlapping of streets. Most of the lanes were filled with cafes and boutiques, some more buzzing with business than others. 

Buskers on Bourke Street (my legs would probably just collapse)

Remember how I said in my last post how I was going definitely going to buy a box of macarons next time I went to La Belle Miette in Hardware Lane? Well guess what, I did! I contemplated whether or not I should buy a box but I did in the end. Next on my list is go have brunch at The Hardware Societe before I leave...

Walking around was fun, I would recommend you all to try it out sometime if you come to Melbourne! And when you get tired, find some seats and chill like we did. Oh, and be sure to try the chips at Schnitz, it's a 10/10 definitely recommend type of thing. 

Oh look it's me LOL the screen is the size of his face 

For dinner, Ian took me to his favourite Japanese restaurant Kaneda located in the Mid City Arcade along Bourke Street Mall (he assured me it was one of the best and rated 92% on Urbanspoon). We made this bet that whoever loses in rock paper scissors 3/3 had to eat wasabi. I lost, so I had to eat it and seeing as I have never tried wasabi by itself and cannot handle spicy stuff, I teared up. We had another round and I thought that since I lost the first time, I should be able to win this round but I LOST AGAIN OMG FML. The second time, I actually tasted the wasabi instead of trying to swallow immediately and it was so much worse than the first time omg never again.

And because we absolutely love walking, we walked to Crown Casino from Federation Square, yes, see, I had the ultimate tourist experience. One thing about yesterday was that it was quite cold during the day and it was freezing during night. But ya know, we're tank like that so LOL 

I've never been through the entire interior of Crown before so that's exactly what we did. That place is just gold everything, your eyes will be blinded by how shiny everything is. 

Afterwards, we walked back to the city to this rooftop bar called Madame Brussels. Once I stepped into the place, the name all made sense. The inside looked wonderful and the view from outside was even better. 

Thank you Ian for being the best tour guide! 

Exhausted from yesterday, today was a bit more chill, with not as much walking involved. Spent today shopping at Chapel Street and bumped into this girl who was in the year eight class I was prefect for last year! I'm pretty happy with my purchases today :)

 Brunch I made except for the macarons, obviously.

We got really hungry after shopping the entire afternoon so we went to Richmond to eat Vietnamese food, since the suburb is well known for that cuisine. Downside to that place is that it's a tad shifty, if you know what I mean...

 First time having the three colour drink (looks more like two colour drink in this photo though) in so many years, forgot how good it tastes 

It's getting colder over here, so hope you all stay warm x.
ps. keep me entertained with comments or questions either below or in my :D

Thursday, July 4, 2013

#Melbourne | Breaks

Howdy ya'll, happy 4th of July to those of you who celebrate it! I hope you're enjoying your holidays so far and if not, start enjoying them because before you know it, they're going to be over!

Today, my brother dearest flew back to Brisbane since he starts school next week, ha ha ha high school kids. Since we hadn't had a proper photo together of the three of us, we tried taking photos today but even he said it himself, he's just not a photogenic person...  

Can I also add that there are so many damn birds every where here. Can they go find somewhere and someone else to annoy instead of annoying me while I try to eat?! 

I finally tried out my grey lenses today

Ewww go away bug

Daniel got to choose whatever he wanted for dinner and he decided fish and chips at Hunky Dory (ahaha the name gets me every time for some reason). 

Need to really stop eating so much cake and coffee 

As you may know, GPA's were released yesterday so I spent yesterday finalising my courses for semester two and my timetable. I was planning on taking MATH1052 as course during summer, but after looking at my GPA, I decided to just take it with MATH1051 to avoid spending my holiday time studying. 

I learnt from semester one to not have too many breaks between classes; rather to just get lectures and whatnot over and done with instead of wasting time. I still have the same number of contact hours though and am questioning whether or not to continue with chemical engineering :/ 

So excited for the semester to begin! Yay!                   /sarcasm

I spent half the day planning university stuff, and spent the other half of the day walking around the area since I haven't had a chance to do since I came last week. The weather was so nice during the time I was out and then the wind just went psycho at night.

We bought an entire cheesecake because it was cheaper than buying three slices, asian +1

Honestly, Thomas Dux Grocer is the best place to shop. It reminds me of Jiwon too!

Adios amigos x

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

#Melbourne | Food Coma

Right now, I feel like I'm going to go into a food coma from everything I've eaten today.
I woke up nice and early today to meet up with Ian but I still managed to arrive there more than ten minutes late, sssoooorrryyyy!!!! Anyway, the agenda for the start of the day was brunch at Manchester Press located down Rankin Lane in the outer streets of the Melbourne CBD. I actually really like the cafes in the alleyways (sounds so shifty lol) rather than the cafes at the main centre of the city. 

This COMME des GARCONS store was right next to Manchester Press and I decided to take quick snapshot of it before we left.

I was a bit surprised, but not really at how packed the place was! 

Bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato with cranberry and chilli plum relish on a wholemeal bagel. 10/10 would recommend.

Afterwards, tour guide Ian probably had as much of an idea as I did as to where we were going so we went exploring and found La Belle Miette nearby! I regret not buying a box; I'm so buying a box next time I go looool.

Strawberry and Vanilla & Salted Caramel

Spent rest of time people watching and talking, but goodness me Melbourne has sooooooo  many asians, probably every second person you see is asian.

 If you hear the conversations we have, we sound like the most humble people alive, lol jk.

Since Sarah and Jason are heading back to Brisbane tomorrow, I invited them out to have dinner nearby where I live. We chose to have dinner at the newly opened Bay One O One Caffe, Pizzeria & Cucina. Everything about the place including the food, interior, service and atmosphere was absolutely wonderful and the waiter we had was so nice and recommended us all these things. 

My Ravioloni Burro & Salvia | Spinach & ricotta ravioli, tossed with burnt sage & butter sauce. 

Sarah's Gnocchi Sorrentina | Gnocchi tossed in Napolitana sauce, hand torn buffalo mozzarella cheese, fresh basil & parmesan cheese. 

Sarah said the cutest/funniest thing while she was deciding what to order. I can't remember exactly what she said but it went along the lines of, 'I don't want to order this because it has buffalo in it...' and Jason just replied, 'It's buffalo mozzarella...' HAAHAHAHA AWWW SARAH 

Jason ordered the Lasagne Al Forno, it looked really good but unfortunately I didn't get a photo of it but I'm sure Sarah did so check out her blog! 

Even though we were so full from our mains, we still had space for dessert (of course). Originally, we decided on the White Chocolate Pizza and the Panna Cotta but we saw the table in front of us order Sweet Nutella Calzoncino so we swapped the Panna Cotta instead. 

The Nutella Calzoncino with ice cream was basically like a Calzone, with nutella filled in the middle that just oozed out when you cut it.

 White Chocolate Pizza | Sweet pizza with Belgian white chocolate & fresh strawberries served with vanilla ice cream.

It was so nice spending time with Sarah and Jason here in Melbourne! Have a safe trip and I'll see you both back in Brisbane xx

Monday, July 1, 2013

#Melbourne | I'm going to turn into an avocado

Gosh, I'm so good with my blogging these holidays. Haahaha, well I spent this morning babysitting the little but very energietic Lisa. I don't how she has so much energy 24/7, words don't seem to ever stop coming out of her mouth and she's always running around everywhere. I took her for a walk around the surrounding area and happened to see so many pretty little things around and about.

At a local florist

She chose her own outfit today LOL

I unintentionally walked past these days after not being able to find any back in Brisbane, I'm excited to try it out! 

Homemade late lunch - I've been having at least an avocado these days, I'm probably going to turn into one soon

I'm search of a black coat, so I went around the city in hope of finding a nice one but I didn't see any coats I liked :( All I bought in the end was a bag of chocolates from Haigh's LOL

For dinner, my mum took us out to Pier Bar and Grill near our place. I swear I gain so many kilos every time I go to Melbourne because all I seem to do is eat non-stop.

Entree | Chef's selection of tapas 

Main | Eye Fillet with mushroom sauce 

 Dessert - Rose Panacotta (so delicious yes yep I would definitely recommend). 

I just checked my university emails since I haven't checked them since before SWOTVAC, oops my bad. Grades come out in two days, eep!