Saturday, July 6, 2013

#Melbourne | Adventure Time

I can't believe I'm going back to Brisbane in a few days, I don't want to leave, you can't make me go back nooooooo. But I have got to say, this has honestly been my funnest trip to Melbourne so far, every thing is a lot more fun when you have friends har har har. 

Yesterday, Ian and I went an adventure around the back streets and alleys of the CBD and I had the ultimate tourist experience. Half the time we didn't really know where we were heading since I was leading that part but exploring is always fun, right? I'm pretty sure we covered most of the lanes and alleys since we walked nonstop the entire afternoon and even did some overlapping of streets. Most of the lanes were filled with cafes and boutiques, some more buzzing with business than others. 

Buskers on Bourke Street (my legs would probably just collapse)

Remember how I said in my last post how I was going definitely going to buy a box of macarons next time I went to La Belle Miette in Hardware Lane? Well guess what, I did! I contemplated whether or not I should buy a box but I did in the end. Next on my list is go have brunch at The Hardware Societe before I leave...

Walking around was fun, I would recommend you all to try it out sometime if you come to Melbourne! And when you get tired, find some seats and chill like we did. Oh, and be sure to try the chips at Schnitz, it's a 10/10 definitely recommend type of thing. 

Oh look it's me LOL the screen is the size of his face 

For dinner, Ian took me to his favourite Japanese restaurant Kaneda located in the Mid City Arcade along Bourke Street Mall (he assured me it was one of the best and rated 92% on Urbanspoon). We made this bet that whoever loses in rock paper scissors 3/3 had to eat wasabi. I lost, so I had to eat it and seeing as I have never tried wasabi by itself and cannot handle spicy stuff, I teared up. We had another round and I thought that since I lost the first time, I should be able to win this round but I LOST AGAIN OMG FML. The second time, I actually tasted the wasabi instead of trying to swallow immediately and it was so much worse than the first time omg never again.

And because we absolutely love walking, we walked to Crown Casino from Federation Square, yes, see, I had the ultimate tourist experience. One thing about yesterday was that it was quite cold during the day and it was freezing during night. But ya know, we're tank like that so LOL 

I've never been through the entire interior of Crown before so that's exactly what we did. That place is just gold everything, your eyes will be blinded by how shiny everything is. 

Afterwards, we walked back to the city to this rooftop bar called Madame Brussels. Once I stepped into the place, the name all made sense. The inside looked wonderful and the view from outside was even better. 

Thank you Ian for being the best tour guide! 

Exhausted from yesterday, today was a bit more chill, with not as much walking involved. Spent today shopping at Chapel Street and bumped into this girl who was in the year eight class I was prefect for last year! I'm pretty happy with my purchases today :)

 Brunch I made except for the macarons, obviously.

We got really hungry after shopping the entire afternoon so we went to Richmond to eat Vietnamese food, since the suburb is well known for that cuisine. Downside to that place is that it's a tad shifty, if you know what I mean...

 First time having the three colour drink (looks more like two colour drink in this photo though) in so many years, forgot how good it tastes 

It's getting colder over here, so hope you all stay warm x.
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Ian K said...

Hahahahaha this post made me laugh!!

Great times, we shall have more adventures (up the mountains!) the next time you come around again :-)