Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'll See You Real Soon

Aside from my Melbourne withdrawals, apologies for such a delayed post as Jiwon's farewell picnic actually occurred last Saturday... 

Every one had to bring something home-made for the picnic, so since I was sleeping over at Jiwon's the night before, we decided to make pizza scrolls! They turned out better than we had expected (although some scrolls were a bit more burnt at the bottom than others) and ended up making 100+ of them on top of our lemon lime bitters and crackers and dip. There ended up being so much food yet we all somehow managed to finish everything by the end of the day.

Mitchell and Adrian's chocolate brownies were super delicious and Teresa made these cute pastry box things and macarons! 

Majority of the group - So many Asian's at Roma Street, people were staring at us looooool 

My cute little Teef

Can't believe she's leaving in two days D;

Also can't believe uni starts in a few days either...

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Ian K said...

So much for not having enough Asians in Brissy mate!!