Monday, July 1, 2013

#Melbourne | I'm going to turn into an avocado

Gosh, I'm so good with my blogging these holidays. Haahaha, well I spent this morning babysitting the little but very energietic Lisa. I don't how she has so much energy 24/7, words don't seem to ever stop coming out of her mouth and she's always running around everywhere. I took her for a walk around the surrounding area and happened to see so many pretty little things around and about.

At a local florist

She chose her own outfit today LOL

I unintentionally walked past these days after not being able to find any back in Brisbane, I'm excited to try it out! 

Homemade late lunch - I've been having at least an avocado these days, I'm probably going to turn into one soon

I'm search of a black coat, so I went around the city in hope of finding a nice one but I didn't see any coats I liked :( All I bought in the end was a bag of chocolates from Haigh's LOL

For dinner, my mum took us out to Pier Bar and Grill near our place. I swear I gain so many kilos every time I go to Melbourne because all I seem to do is eat non-stop.

Entree | Chef's selection of tapas 

Main | Eye Fillet with mushroom sauce 

 Dessert - Rose Panacotta (so delicious yes yep I would definitely recommend). 

I just checked my university emails since I haven't checked them since before SWOTVAC, oops my bad. Grades come out in two days, eep! 

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