Thursday, July 4, 2013

#Melbourne | Breaks

Howdy ya'll, happy 4th of July to those of you who celebrate it! I hope you're enjoying your holidays so far and if not, start enjoying them because before you know it, they're going to be over!

Today, my brother dearest flew back to Brisbane since he starts school next week, ha ha ha high school kids. Since we hadn't had a proper photo together of the three of us, we tried taking photos today but even he said it himself, he's just not a photogenic person...  

Can I also add that there are so many damn birds every where here. Can they go find somewhere and someone else to annoy instead of annoying me while I try to eat?! 

I finally tried out my grey lenses today

Ewww go away bug

Daniel got to choose whatever he wanted for dinner and he decided fish and chips at Hunky Dory (ahaha the name gets me every time for some reason). 

Need to really stop eating so much cake and coffee 

As you may know, GPA's were released yesterday so I spent yesterday finalising my courses for semester two and my timetable. I was planning on taking MATH1052 as course during summer, but after looking at my GPA, I decided to just take it with MATH1051 to avoid spending my holiday time studying. 

I learnt from semester one to not have too many breaks between classes; rather to just get lectures and whatnot over and done with instead of wasting time. I still have the same number of contact hours though and am questioning whether or not to continue with chemical engineering :/ 

So excited for the semester to begin! Yay!                   /sarcasm

I spent half the day planning university stuff, and spent the other half of the day walking around the area since I haven't had a chance to do since I came last week. The weather was so nice during the time I was out and then the wind just went psycho at night.

We bought an entire cheesecake because it was cheaper than buying three slices, asian +1

Honestly, Thomas Dux Grocer is the best place to shop. It reminds me of Jiwon too!

Adios amigos x

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