Tuesday, July 9, 2013

#Melbourne | That Quarter

Well folks, this marks the end of my Melbourne trip for these holidays as I will be back in the comfort of my own room by this time tomorrow. My morning started off with university sign ons for MATH1051 and MATH1052. I thought I was so sneaky by right clicking on the links and opening each sign-on on a new page. However, only did I realise after I clicked all my classes I wanted, that that method didn't work, so when I refreshed my page I had only signed into one class instead of five! The tute and prac class I wanted were already full so I had to alter my timetable which was frustrating. The lecture I wanted for MATH1052 was also full which didn't make sense since all the other streams were at the same venue and had a class of 400 students whereas the stream I wanted only had 150 spaces available. When I was on my way to meet Helen and Annie, some guy posted on the Facebook page that the stream I wanted was open again and since Sinet is incredibly slow and crappy, I called up Seeto to change it for me :')

This afternoon, I met up with one of my primary school best friends Helen as I usually do and Annie who I met at the beginning of this year! We planned to have brunch at a cafe in Degraves Street but by the time we got there, brunch was over and we had to choose from the lunch menus #firstworldproblems.

After searching for a cafe we found had fantastic ratings on Urbanspoon, we gave up since we couldn't find the "underground; hole in the wall" were it was apparently located according to reviews, so we settled at a cafe called The Quarter.

Going strong since'05  (Helen wasn't even cold!)

I ended up taking Helen and Annie around since they didn't know where else to go but we just walked around looking for black, floppy, felt hats. 

Melbourne has been amazing, thank you to everyone who made it that much more special and enjoyable! I don't want to leave bu I'm also looking forward to heading back to Brisbane and seeing every one back there. So I guess I'll see you in six months Melbourne heehehehe  


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She's alright LOL haha jk