Monday, August 12, 2013

S for Sanity

It is currently 1am and I've just finished reading who knows how many pages regarding Trebuchets, projectile and trajectory motion. I don't usually watch Youtube, but when I do, I watch how linear rails function #whatislife. To retain some sanity, I thought I'd blog a bit about what been happening in the past week or so (which is basically nothing, lol).

Monday-Thursday generally comprises of university and frivolous breaks and catch up sessions with friends and this week was no different. I had work on Thursday and Friday night as I do so nothing too special there either. Buuuuut, on Friday morning, Bella, Hannah and I went to have brunch at a cute cafe near UQ since French Twist was too far away since we had a 10am start. We're starting our very own brunch committee for the lols. 

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon | yummmm 

Hannah is so photogenic 

On Saturday, Amelia had her 18th at the Fringe Bar. The venue was perfect for the event as she hired out the top level of the bar. We only got there two hours late since dinner did but didn't go as planned. 

Being the indecisive people we are, we intially went to Wagaya but they didn't have a table until 9:30pm (it was around 8pm at the time) and we were super hungry so we ended up at the Emporium instead. Freestyle Tout (can you believe it I still have not yet been yet?!) had a fifteen minute wait and since we were starving we ended up at Mecca Bah as we were able to get a table straight away! The place was buzzing, there were so many people and the food and drinks were delicious.

 Turkish Bread and Dips | Summer Passion Mocktail

Lamb with Lemon, herbs etcetc with Cous Cous | Spiced Chicken Pizza

Hope you all have a lovely week xo.

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