Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Photo Update

Wow, super duper long time no post! But it's okay, you haven't really missed out on much since all I've been doing lately is uni, work, sleep and eat maybe with a few events here and there. I've almost finished exams for this year, my last one is next Tuesday then I'll be free for two weeks before Summer Semester!  

I've been quite obsessed with this cafe called French Twist; but it's mostly because people keeping asking me to take them there so it's a win win situation I suppose :D

Snickers and salted caramel macarons; they taste so gooooood omg, worth every cent

I think the most exciting part about mid-semester exams (apart from them all ending) was when I received this package from my mum down in Melbourne. It made me so happy heehehe 

Flower picking with Eileen after Thermo mid-sem exam, courtesy of Steph :)

I also received this package in the mail on the day of my last day (one day before the Business Ball)! Receiving parcels in the mail is like Christmas, seriously.

Business Balling! It was really fun to get dressed up and spend a night with all of my lovely friends. Every one looked so wonderful ahhhh

Saw Rihanna in concert with Bella and Jolanta!!!!!!!! She is an incredible performer and amazing to watch live and it was also the first concert I've been to.

 Spent a girl's night in with Jenny, Kara, Shimona and Heidi baking maracons, Mars Bar slice, brownies and making Viet rolls! It was truly a wonderful sight when we saw how well our (Adriano Zumbo) macarons turned out!

Lulu's 21st - Prettiest decorations, everything was set out so nicely ahhh I want my 21st to be something like that. 

At Bonsai Botanika - I'll leave that interesting cockroach story for another time... LOL 

Soyoung (part of our Passion Tree Family) left to Korea, nuuuuu :'(


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