Thursday, November 21, 2013


Last post, I ended saying I was going to Adrii's birthday dinner which was held at Wagaya in the Valley. I was there a lot earlier than she seemed to be which was funny since I am rarely that early to something. I just bummed outside for a good while while I waited for others to arrive. 

Ordered an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic drink and the non-alcoholic tasted so much better.

Sandra, Alice and I shared food and drinks and we ended up ordering quite a lot. Shame that we had to leave at eight since the room was booked by others so before they told us we had to stop ordering, every one just bulked ordered a ridiculous amount of food. 

With the birthday girl!

That same night, I had to leave to Gold Coast as I was apart of the Red Frog Crew! It was such an amazing experience and I gained so much from it even though I only went for three days and I hope I'll be able to go for the whole time next year. I have so many funny stories and interesting experiences to tell and my team was just awesome and we somehow survived our 6am shift which was delegated to us on the first night. 

 View from the hotel I stayed at

On the way back to Brisbane, some of my Connect Group came down to the Coast (the people who weren't already there from RF) and ended up at Josh's for a movie and dinner. We managed to get a pretty good cook-up and set-up happening for dinner too! 

So now that I'm back in Brisbane, I've just been working and eating I suppose. Eileen's birthday dinner was on Tuesday night. It was at Parklands and we all ate a lot and ended the night at Billy's pool place and despite the amount of times I've watched people play pool, I legit still suck at it. Steph and I probably had one of the most slowest games ever oml. 

With Melisa at dinner | Can't believe this time last year we were about to go overseas!

Yeeeh, as I said, a lot of eating...

I decided to be all experimental and ordered the 'Black Pudding'... It tasted interesting LOL But the Affogato was sooo nice (probably because it was 90% vanilla ice-cream but nevertheless it tasted delicious)

Yesterday night, Bella had her birthday dinner at Zuri Bar and Dining which is in the Valley. I've been meaning to go here with Jiwon and Sarah but never ended up going so it was pretty exciting finally being able to go check this place out. Luckily Wednesday happened to be 'All-You-Can-Eat Sushi and Tapas' and we just kept the food coming platter after platter... after platter. The bar is quite chic and it was just wonderful being able to see friends who I haven't seen in ageeees. Since I drove there I wasn't able to drink any cocktails but if I go again next time, I ain't driving. 

Omagah polaroids!

I had work this morning and I ended up having my first meal at 3pm. Thank goodness for all day breakfasts. 

 Grilled Chicken Salad with Pumpkin & Fetta | Open Breakfast Turkish

I hope you are all doing well, good luck to the people who still have exams and enjoy your holidays to the people who are on holidays! Thirteen days until I leave for Melbourne and reunite with my twinnniieee Jiwon AHHHH

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