Sunday, June 29, 2014

Super Duper Quick

Good evening readers! Just a super duper quick update.

I've been working a lot since I finished exams (every day since Tuesday) until today which is probably the reason for fewer posts throughout the week. Aside from that, I arrived at Melbourne this afternoon after a minor delay on the flight. It was raining heavily as I got out of the airport but once we were nearly home, the sky had already turned clear and sunny. 

Aahhhh it felt so good to be reunited with my mum again!!

 My mum and I made Vietnamese rolls for dinner

If all goes to plan, my mum and I are going to go to Yarra Valley for two days. Then later on in the week I'm going to start my little exploration around Melbourne and continue when Jiwon comes next week. 

Happy holidays everyone :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Food Adventures: Rogue Bar + Bistro

If you don't already know or you don't follow on me Instagram,  Rogue Bar & Bistro is definitely one of my favourite places in Brisbane.

Location // 14 Austin St, Newstead QLD 4006

The first time I came here was Easter last year for a Hillsong After party. It wasn't until late last year Josh reintroduced me to this place. 

Rogue Bar + Bistro is situated off a main road in Newstead. It provides a relaxed and comfortable vibe and a choice to sit inside, outside near the bar or on sofa seats under the umbrellas during day time or fairy lights during night time. And the dining experience is a lot better when there is such lovely and friendly staff like they have here.

We hadn't been there for brunch since they released their new menu so we decided to go last weekend prior to study. As always, their staff greeted us friendly and asked where we preferred to sit. We opted for the sofas and once we flipped open the menu and Josh was immediately drawn to the Pork Belly Omelette and Mince Pot while even though I don't usually eat sweet dishes for brunch I was intrigued by their Pancakes with Salted Caramel. It was difficult for us to decide what we wanted, so we opted for all three because food makes you study better, right?

Spiced Mince Pot // Poached eggs + avocado salsa + creme fraiche + sourdough soldiers | Omelette // Pork belly + onion jam + ciabatta

Pancakes // Salted caramel + strawberries + maple syrup + vanilla ice-cream

Dan and his team present their food impeccably and the taste only adds to the amazing presentation. Sometimes I get so impressed by their presentation I just want to stare at it all day...

On a side note, I took my Ayi here on for their Mother's Day event and it was incredible. This place never fails to impress me.

I definitely recommend this place to everyone. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Check out their Facebook to see more photos and events they hold! 

Rogue Bar + Bistro on Urbanspoon

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Three exams down, one more to go! 

I have learnt that university becomes my home during SWOTVAC. Anyway, this photo of sushi makes me happy because Steph bought it for us to share and all I had to do was drive to go get it after a long day of procrastinating at uni. 

Sushi Izu from Woolworths | Sushi Sushi

Two days before my chemistry exam, I unintentionally made an amazing juice discovery. Since I didn't have any coconut water, I decided to make my own lemon and strawberry infused water, I then added some of the water in the blender along with watermelon, strawberry, apple, lemon, cucumber and grapes. I left a bottle of the juice in the fridge and when I returned home from university that day, I tipped the bottle upside down and the juice from the bottle filtered through the organic stuff formed all at the top and it turned out like a cold press juice! 

Some more brain food mmmm 

Yesterday, my family finally came back from Adelaide after having been there for a month which meant Sophie and Lulu were back!! Lulu ran into my room and came onto my bed (I was taking a nap) and told me to watch Frozen with her. She said she didn't watch Frozen the entire time she was in Adelaide.

Sophie is very easily distracted

This brunch, Josh and I went to try out Shouk Cafe in Paddington after seeing so many reviews and photos about the place. After spending a while trying to find a park, we finally made it. I ordered the Goat's Cheese Panacotta and Josh ordered the Latke Stack which he pretty much inhaled and then complained he was still hungry. I gave him some pannacotta to try in which he thought was the best thing he's had in a long time and decided to order another one along with avocado and toast. I could feel the waitress judging as we she took our order and our plates away. 

 Goat's Cheese Pannacotta - Lightly sweetened goats milk and date panna cotta with pistachio, seasonal fruits and a kataifi pastry nest | Avocado on Toast - Smashed and seasoned avocado with Persian fetta on toasted sourdough with dukkah, pomegranate molasses and lemon

I was definitely impressed by the plating of the panna cotta and was more impressed that the dish tasted as good as it looked! 

Can't wait until Tuesday night when all my exams will be over. 
Adios amigos x 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Don't Spoil This Moment

Good evening readers! I hope you're having a great week (and a not too stressful for those of you who have exams like myself). My only motivation right now is the fact I'm leaving to Melbourne in two weeks and I cannot wait. 

My sticky note game is strong.

Apart from studying and to get rid of these SWOTVAC blues, I've been doing what I do best...Eating. Okay let's be real here, if there's anything I gain from SWOTVAC -- it's weight. 

On Friday night, Josh, Sehee, Jerry and I went to Eat Street Markets in Hamilton to do some 'research' for an upcoming event known as Noodle Markets which involves Passion Tree. 

The Noodle Markets are part of the Good Food Month Program coming to Brisbane and these markets span out over eleven nights from July 17-27 and includes some Brisbane's favourite eateries and stalls located at South Bank. There'll be a wide variety of Asian themed (food) markets from ramen noodles, gyozas, to Passion Tree! Plus, entry is free!! 

Potato Slinky | Roti | Thai Green Curry | Pad Thai | Hungarian Pizza | Mushroom and Bacon Hungarian Pizza (?)  
Just another casual trip to Rogue Bar and Bistro (they have a new menu!!!)

Spiced Mince Pot | Pork Belly Omelette (yummmmm)

Pancakes w/Salted Caramel | We pretty much had a three course brunch because we have believe food makes you study better. 

 He asks me why we don't have many good photos together... hi hello take a photo with me pls, pls pls no? ok... jokes

The Single Guys | B-Hal-T | Poppy Seed Bagel 

 Passion Tree | Peanut Crumble Honey Bread | Strawberry Dipping Pot w/Dark Choc

I had an exam today and yesterday so I feel like I'm already on holidays even though I have another exam on Friday (which I have not really started studying yet) and another exam next week. I thought I deserved a little break so here I am blogging in my bed with strawberries beside me and I feel like nothing can ruin this moment... 

Good luck to those who have exams and to those who don't, I'm so envious of you.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Food Adventures: The Single Guys

Driving my brother to school in the mornings during his exam period isn't so bad since he gives me money in exchange to go get myself a coffee from The Single Guys on my way back home. Free parking right outside the cafe is always a winner. 

Location // 2/2051 Moggill Rd Kenmore (Across the road from Kenmore Village).

They already won me over with their minimalistic approach with decor

I have been here on several occasions, mostly to grab a takeaway coffee. But not only do they serve great coffee, their food is delicious (not to mention well-priced) and they also offer an enticing array of pastries and cakes throughout the day.

Mushrooms and haloumi on sourdough w/fried egg and chilli jam (old menu)

Maple roasted spelt and almond granola w/yoghurt and poached fruit (old menu)

I actually went there for brunch today with Josh and noticed they've changed their menu! Josh ordered the Seasonal pine mushrooms and kale with egg, gremolata and pecorino which looked and tasted amazing. I opted for the B-'hal'-T and developed so much love for it. 10/10 would recommend. 

B-'hal'-T | Bacon, haloumi, greens, tomato, pesto and aioli (?) | No Moo Smoothie

 Two bottles of chilled espresso to-go

This wonderful addition of The Single Guys makes me so happy since there has been a shortage of high quality cafes around the area.  Definitely my favourite local cafe and even if you're not a local of this area, it's worth the venture out here. Just a little head up for you curious ones, the single guys refer to their single origin coffee! 

The Single Guys Coffee Co. on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Try to be Social.

And suddenly during SWOTVAC, I find I have so many posts I want to post. Mmmm that timing. Anyway, for the first time in a very, very, very long time, I went out on a Saturday night instead of working (since I usually work on Saturday nights but I now work on Saturday mornings). Josh invited me out with a few of his and Hannah's friends since one of them flew up from Melbourne. It was so stressful picking out what to wear since I left my skirt I originally wanted to wear at home.

After all meeting up, we contemplated as to where to go for dinner and decided on Kwan Brothers since it was next to Limes Hotel (our planned destination). As expected, Kwan Brothers was absolutely packed at 8pm on a Saturday night and the twenty of us definitely weren't all going to get in so we ended up having Chinese at Superbowl! 

I'll come back for you next time Kwan Brothers...

Limes Hotel wasn't as big I had imagined it to be from all the photos I've seen on the place but nevertheless, it was a pretty cool rooftop bar and there were two sides one being more crowded than the other (the one with the nicer view and bar was more crowded, obv). I couldn't stop laughing at Paul's dance moves and you wouldn't be able too, if you were there.

Two jacuzzis!

Why hello there

Lychee Martini

Also, today is Josh's birthday so everyone go wish him a happy birthday! Our PTF organised to surprise him at his apartment at midnight but when we all got there, he was already asleep...

So we just woke him up by singing him happy birthday.  

Monday, June 9, 2014

Food Adventures: Comfort at my Table

I have been here on several occasions after first hearing about it on Urbanspoon. If you're going to catch the bus, I would recommend you look closely and to make sure you get off the right stop since the cafe is tucked in between many buildings off a main road. 

The outside and inside decor of the place looked so cute and well presented, very enticing for a customer like myself and the floral aspect of the cafe definitely lured me in. As I mentioned before, I've been to Comfort at my Table on several occasions now and so far, it has a left a wonderful impression on me. The staff were very welcoming and immediately showed us to a table. 

It's a great place to catch up with friends over brunch or to grab a coffee or one of their takeaway items in their displays. I'm a fan of their Eggs Benedict w/Salmon and BLT (but they've changed the menu since last time I went...)  

 BLT w/Avocado | Mocha

That time I went with Bella and Kristie

There was this one time where I went with Josh that was I found a disappointing but I'm not sure if it was my sudden criticalness (?) that I've acquired from spending so much time with him or maybe it was a just a one-off thing? Well anyway, hopefully I can revisit Comfort and my Table sometime soon since I'm getting so hungry just looking at these photos!

  Comfort at My Table on Urbanspoon

Friday, June 6, 2014

Food Adventures: Tippler's Tap

Hey you! I've decided to start something new on my blog which I'm going to call: Food Adventures (FA) since most of my photos seem to be food these days anyway. I'm going to add-on a new page tab dedicated to these posts so hopefully I'll keep this updates regularly. 

So, with that aside, Josh and I went to Tippler's Tap in Newstead (Josh really wanted to try this place out) on Thursday night after a long day of studying (for me at least...). The place is pretty much a pub and they're known for their craft beers and pub food. From the outside, the pub seems quite small and cosy but the moment I walked inside, I realised the place extended out a lot further than I initially thought. We were quickly seated and got our menus. 

Ordered at the counter.

Even though it was pub food, there was a nice range of food to choose from off the menu. We opted for the 5 sliders, 1 kg of chicken wings and chilli cheese fries! (Sounds like a lot of carbs...) There were three sliders to choose from: 
  • Pork belly: Caramel star anise, pickled cucumber & cilantro
  • Chi-town: Beef burger, cheese, onion & American mustard
  • Haloumi: Mushrooms, haloumi, beetroot marmalade & aioli  (my favourite one)
The chicken wings described as 'Spicy chicken wings with blue cheese & black sesame' weren't very spicy and tasted quite bland but all them wings for $10, we weren't really complaining.

Cider | Beer | Sliders | Chicken wings 

The chilli cheese fries tasted nice, like nachos but replace the corn chips with fries. The name is a bit deceiving because it wasn't actually spicy but our American friend later informed us that sometimes chilli cheese fries don't have chilli them...

Chilli Cheese Fries

To be honest I felt so full from all the carbs all I wanted to eat was a bowl of salad and it didn't seem like I was the only one because Josh also agreed. 

Overall, I thought Tippler's Tap was alright, not too bad but probably because I'm not that into beer and pub food so it's not as well suited to me. If you're someone who likes going to pubs or just chilling with a few friends I would recommend you go here to check it out! 

Tippler's Tap on Urbanspoon