Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Don't Spoil This Moment

Good evening readers! I hope you're having a great week (and a not too stressful for those of you who have exams like myself). My only motivation right now is the fact I'm leaving to Melbourne in two weeks and I cannot wait. 

My sticky note game is strong.

Apart from studying and to get rid of these SWOTVAC blues, I've been doing what I do best...Eating. Okay let's be real here, if there's anything I gain from SWOTVAC -- it's weight. 

On Friday night, Josh, Sehee, Jerry and I went to Eat Street Markets in Hamilton to do some 'research' for an upcoming event known as Noodle Markets which involves Passion Tree. 

The Noodle Markets are part of the Good Food Month Program coming to Brisbane and these markets span out over eleven nights from July 17-27 and includes some Brisbane's favourite eateries and stalls located at South Bank. There'll be a wide variety of Asian themed (food) markets from ramen noodles, gyozas, to Passion Tree! Plus, entry is free!! 

Potato Slinky | Roti | Thai Green Curry | Pad Thai | Hungarian Pizza | Mushroom and Bacon Hungarian Pizza (?)  
Just another casual trip to Rogue Bar and Bistro (they have a new menu!!!)

Spiced Mince Pot | Pork Belly Omelette (yummmmm)

Pancakes w/Salted Caramel | We pretty much had a three course brunch because we have believe food makes you study better. 

 He asks me why we don't have many good photos together... hi hello take a photo with me pls, pls pls no? ok... jokes

The Single Guys | B-Hal-T | Poppy Seed Bagel 

 Passion Tree | Peanut Crumble Honey Bread | Strawberry Dipping Pot w/Dark Choc

I had an exam today and yesterday so I feel like I'm already on holidays even though I have another exam on Friday (which I have not really started studying yet) and another exam next week. I thought I deserved a little break so here I am blogging in my bed with strawberries beside me and I feel like nothing can ruin this moment... 

Good luck to those who have exams and to those who don't, I'm so envious of you.

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