Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Try to be Social.

And suddenly during SWOTVAC, I find I have so many posts I want to post. Mmmm that timing. Anyway, for the first time in a very, very, very long time, I went out on a Saturday night instead of working (since I usually work on Saturday nights but I now work on Saturday mornings). Josh invited me out with a few of his and Hannah's friends since one of them flew up from Melbourne. It was so stressful picking out what to wear since I left my skirt I originally wanted to wear at home.

After all meeting up, we contemplated as to where to go for dinner and decided on Kwan Brothers since it was next to Limes Hotel (our planned destination). As expected, Kwan Brothers was absolutely packed at 8pm on a Saturday night and the twenty of us definitely weren't all going to get in so we ended up having Chinese at Superbowl! 

I'll come back for you next time Kwan Brothers...

Limes Hotel wasn't as big I had imagined it to be from all the photos I've seen on the place but nevertheless, it was a pretty cool rooftop bar and there were two sides one being more crowded than the other (the one with the nicer view and bar was more crowded, obv). I couldn't stop laughing at Paul's dance moves and you wouldn't be able too, if you were there.

Two jacuzzis!

Why hello there

Lychee Martini

Also, today is Josh's birthday so everyone go wish him a happy birthday! Our PTF organised to surprise him at his apartment at midnight but when we all got there, he was already asleep...

So we just woke him up by singing him happy birthday.  

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