Sunday, June 22, 2014


Three exams down, one more to go! 

I have learnt that university becomes my home during SWOTVAC. Anyway, this photo of sushi makes me happy because Steph bought it for us to share and all I had to do was drive to go get it after a long day of procrastinating at uni. 

Sushi Izu from Woolworths | Sushi Sushi

Two days before my chemistry exam, I unintentionally made an amazing juice discovery. Since I didn't have any coconut water, I decided to make my own lemon and strawberry infused water, I then added some of the water in the blender along with watermelon, strawberry, apple, lemon, cucumber and grapes. I left a bottle of the juice in the fridge and when I returned home from university that day, I tipped the bottle upside down and the juice from the bottle filtered through the organic stuff formed all at the top and it turned out like a cold press juice! 

Some more brain food mmmm 

Yesterday, my family finally came back from Adelaide after having been there for a month which meant Sophie and Lulu were back!! Lulu ran into my room and came onto my bed (I was taking a nap) and told me to watch Frozen with her. She said she didn't watch Frozen the entire time she was in Adelaide.

Sophie is very easily distracted

This brunch, Josh and I went to try out Shouk Cafe in Paddington after seeing so many reviews and photos about the place. After spending a while trying to find a park, we finally made it. I ordered the Goat's Cheese Panacotta and Josh ordered the Latke Stack which he pretty much inhaled and then complained he was still hungry. I gave him some pannacotta to try in which he thought was the best thing he's had in a long time and decided to order another one along with avocado and toast. I could feel the waitress judging as we she took our order and our plates away. 

 Goat's Cheese Pannacotta - Lightly sweetened goats milk and date panna cotta with pistachio, seasonal fruits and a kataifi pastry nest | Avocado on Toast - Smashed and seasoned avocado with Persian fetta on toasted sourdough with dukkah, pomegranate molasses and lemon

I was definitely impressed by the plating of the panna cotta and was more impressed that the dish tasted as good as it looked! 

Can't wait until Tuesday night when all my exams will be over. 
Adios amigos x 

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