Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Intentions Meant Well

Oops, I didn't keep to my word; nevertheless, my intentions meant well.

After a long awaited half year, North Park Kids (NPK) finally had a reunion (minus Mel who decided to go to Melbourne for the weekend) in celebration of Kevin's temporary return to Brisbane! For those of you who are wondering, NPK is a name we came up with last year in Engineering after Eileen mistakingly said North Park instead of South Park after a remark Kevin made about some beanie. Since all five of us were together at the time and all study Chemical Engineering, we renamed our group chat to North Park Kids and that my friends, is how NPK originated.

Campos Coffee // Fortitude Valley
Who needs Mel when we have Seeto?

As I previously mentioned, Steph's 19th was held on Sunday night at Wagaya! For someone that lives for sushi, I still can't believe this was her first time going (although she once declined an invite from Josh and I -- her loss). All I really need to say is that we ate a lot of sushi. 

With the sashimi loving birthday girl

Ummm, are you alright there?

It was an amazing way to end my holidays, so thanks for a wonderful night Steph and hope you enjoyed your dinner and presents! 

University definitely just gets straight to it; only four days in but I feel like I never really left this place. Also, just before I finish, can you believe August is tomorrow?!

Have a lovely week everyone xx

Monday, July 28, 2014

Night Noodles and High Tea

Inevitably, my holidays draw to a close, but this holiday is definitely one to put in the books. After returning to Brisbane and a good night's sleep, I went straight back to work. But first thing's first; brunch. Hannah, Emma and I visited Campos Coffee after eliminating our potential cafe choices. Pat on the back to us, the choice did not disappoint.
Barramundi | Vegetarian Lasagne | Pork Belly

For the first time ever, Southbank held the highlight of Good Food Month Brisbane: The Night Noodle Market which spanned over the course of eleven days (July 17th-27th). More than two dozen Asian street-food stalls, entertainment and bars offered everyone a place to eat, drink and hang out with friends and family. Josh and I visited one night to experience the hype. Majority of the stalls we went to had a long queue and this one Thai stall especially, so we decided to line up only to find the Pad Thai and Chicken Curry we bought not to be worth the wait and money...

Harajuku Gyoza // Karaage Chicken | Pork Gyozas 

On Friday, Sarah celebrated her 19th birthday high tea style at Bacchus. Steph and I met up before hand and got ready at Passion Tree since I had work before and after high tea (I need to make up for all the money I spent in Melbourne somehow).

I remember coming to the restaurant for dinner one time and being in awe of the interior and decor to find it to be even prettier during day time. 
Sarah adored the black tea set from T2 which Steph, Cindy, Melisa and I gifted her!
Bacchus // Quintessential Tea | A selection of delicate finger sandwiches, plain or fruit scones with Bonne Maman raspberry preserve and cream chantilly, an assortment of sweet delights including chocolate eclair, tart au citron, macarons and cake du jour as well as your choice of Harney and Sons fine tea.
Pool and bar area outside the dining area

I'll post tomorrow about Steph's birthday at Wagaya! Have a great week everyone xx

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Adios Melbourne

So long Melbourne, see you in another six months. 

I cannot believe how fast time flies by. I just cannot (nor do I want to grasp) the concept that the same amount of time passes no matter what I do or think. And inevitably, my holidays are drawing to a close.

I arrived back to Brisbane on Sunday night after spending a wonderful three weeks there with everyone there and who came to visit. Jiwon left a week before I did and Josh arrived on the third last day.
Emily and her friends arrived to Melbourne one day before Josh, so I decided to take them around to a few places on the Friday we were all in Melbourne. I think I may have overhyped Manchester Press a little but too much but nevertheless, it still remains as one my highly recommended breakfast/brunch place to visit in Melbourne. Just make sure you don't go at peak brunch time where your name is forty minutes waiting time down on the list. 
Brunch with Emily and Josh at Manchester Press // Soup of the Day | Smoked Salmon | Avo Fetta Smash

Emily was super keen to create her own custom Magnum after seeing my post of the one I created a week back. Luckily, the line wasn't as long this time round since we went during a weekday however, there was still a noticeable line from the cashier. From the Emporium, we walked over to Queen Victoria Market and back again to visit Hosier Lane and touristy places including Federation Square.
Magnum Pop-Up store at Emporium // Josh and Emily's custom Magnums
Market Lane Coffee at Queen Victoria Market // Our pourover in the making
Hosier Lane // Just your typical graffiti lane photo
Pressed Juices at Collins // antiox 3

Saturday was well spent sleeping in, then walking everywhere before meeting up with Simon for dinner. On this trip, Jiwon and I discovered the beauty of Top Paddock's Blueberry and Ricotta Hotcakes that I thought I just had to take Josh to try it. to be honest, he was disappointed with his burger but I had hoped the hotcakes would have made up for the half hour wait and trek to the cafe.
Top Paddock // Blueberry and Ricotta Hotcakes | Wagyu Beef Burger
B&P at South Yarra // Entirely edible display
Another day, another juice

On our last day, we originally planned to have High Tea and The Waiting Room (made reservations and everything) but both agreed that it was too heavy to eat at such a time and ended up at Manchester Press again! 
State Libaray of Victoria // Josh wanted to visit the dome Reading Room
Getting our juice fix for the day

I am glad to be back home, I've missed my friends and family here and definitely need to start earning all the money I spent while in Melbourne.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ten Day Recap

Sorry for the lack of posts during these past days. Jiwon left Melbourne today (sad face) after a well enjoyed ten days here. I'm so glad she kept me company and really made this a memorable trip to Melbourne. Check out our joint blog to see what we did here.

Note: Photo heavy post

Manchester Press on the first day of Jiwon's arrival 

Smits and Bits on the way to Mt. Dandenong
 Trip to Pana Chocolate's cafe // Richmond | Raw Blueberry Slice | Raw Chai Slice

Pumpkin, sweet potato and coriander soup from the Lunar 1878 Night Market at Queen Victoria Market

Wonderbao (also at the Night Market) |  Da Chicken and Choi Bao (Vegetarian) | Braised Pork Belly | Eggplant Guo Bao

Isn't she lovely?
Top Paddock // East Richmond | Definitely made it to my list of  favourite brunch spots | Grilled Broccolini | Blueberry and Ricotta Hotcakes

Hosier Lane
Vegie Bar // Fitzroy | Baked Gnocchi and Virtuoso Seeded Spelt Flour Pizza
Apple, Pear and Sultana Crumble | Berry Cheesecake
Lemon and Lime Zest Donut from Doughboy Donuts (I'm not usually a fan of donuts but these tasted so good)
Jiwon and I took Ashley and David to Top Paddock
Gelato Messina // Fitzroy

Drinks at Gogo Bar below Chin Chin while waiting for dinner at Chin Chin (Two hour wait just to get a table!)

As you can see, we ate quite a fair bit but I'll have you know we walked as much as possible. I'm so glad I was able to experience this all with my lovely B2 by my side!

Guess what? Josh is coming to Melbourne in two days time!! Not to get all mushy and whatnot but I've missed him so much -sad face-