Thursday, July 3, 2014

Full of Empty Bags

Since I never got a chance to properly catch up with Jessie while she was in Brisbane, we had our half-yearly catch-up session today and started it with brunch at Three Bags Full.

From outside, the cafe looked like an old factory but the cafe itself occupied the entire bottom level. Another different thing about this cafe was it was separated into three rooms with a walkway between each. Both Jessie and I were quite indecisive in choosing what we wanted to eat since they had a wide variety of options to choose from.

Carrot, celery, beetroot, lemon and ginger juice

Beetroot Cured Salmon w/pea, feta and corn fritter, avocado, rocket, dill sour cream and lemon | Jessie opted for the Eggs Benedict w/smoked salmon

Afterwards, Jessie drove us to Chapel Street where we shopped for shoes and a few items for Jessie since she's going to Spain next semester! We spent a good hour in one store choosing what shoes to buy... We also made a trip to Adriano Zumbo which I found out was right next door to Two Birds One Stone. I tried the Secret Carrot's Business and Salted Butter Popcorn macaron and Jessie tried the intriguing looking Pollocks Night and Grape Chew macaron. My cake tasted absolutely delicious. 

Secret Carrot's Business // Carrot cake, baked cheesecake, cream cheese mousse, semi dried carrots, caramelised pecans | Salted Butter Popcorn

Pollocks Night // Exquisite coconut dacquoise, coconut crunch, passionfruit sponge soaked in passionfruit syrup, pineapple compote, coconut mousse and striking black glaze | Grape Chew 

The pair of shoes that took me an hour to buy. It was either this one or Eamon style one which seems to be on every online store these days.


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