Saturday, July 5, 2014

Magnum 1 - Aileen 0

If you ever visit Melbourne, you definitely have to visit the newly opened Emporium located in the city between Myer. More about that later.

This afternoon, Ian took me out for lunch (yes, lunch not brunch) at Trunk Diner along Exhibition Street. After a bit of assistance with Google Maps, we arrived at this hip looking American inspired diner. Due to the windy, cold weather today, every one was seated inside although outside looked like and extremely nice area to eat at.

The Wagyu Burger // Freshly ground Wagyu Beef, grilled brioche, baby cos lettuce, thick-cut tomato & house-made pickles | The Breakfast Smoothie
Ian ordered the "Supersize Breakfast Burger" // Triple the egg, double bacon & double the cheddar (looked like a heart attack)

Yesterday night, I was walking around the city and discovered the Emporium, the place where I've heard a lot about. It's been under construction for as long as I can remember and it was amazing to see it finally open. 

 $2 Green tea ice-cream!

Magnum had a pop-up customise your own Magnum store within The Emporium. No surprise, the line was incredibly long on a Saturday afternoon and I watched as they had to bring out a stand saying "Half an hour wait from this point" after finally moving beyond the one hour point. Ian found it so pointless but I was convinced that the most important thing was the experience of customising my own Magnum. 

The way it worked was you chose: 
  • Either an vanilla or chocolate ice-cream.
  • Three toppings from a wide variety of choices
  • White, milk or dark chocolate drizzle
  • White or milk chocolate bud on top
So many toppings
 Vanilla ice-cream // Dark chocolate // Rose petals, dark chocolate biscuits and dried strawberries // White chocolate drizzle // White chocolate

The first bite tasted delicious but then I just ended up in a mega food coma all the while Ian just kept making fun of me...

Magnum 1 - Aileen 0



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