Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Intentions Meant Well

Oops, I didn't keep to my word; nevertheless, my intentions meant well.

After a long awaited half year, North Park Kids (NPK) finally had a reunion (minus Mel who decided to go to Melbourne for the weekend) in celebration of Kevin's temporary return to Brisbane! For those of you who are wondering, NPK is a name we came up with last year in Engineering after Eileen mistakingly said North Park instead of South Park after a remark Kevin made about some beanie. Since all five of us were together at the time and all study Chemical Engineering, we renamed our group chat to North Park Kids and that my friends, is how NPK originated.

Campos Coffee // Fortitude Valley
Who needs Mel when we have Seeto?

As I previously mentioned, Steph's 19th was held on Sunday night at Wagaya! For someone that lives for sushi, I still can't believe this was her first time going (although she once declined an invite from Josh and I -- her loss). All I really need to say is that we ate a lot of sushi. 

With the sashimi loving birthday girl

Ummm, are you alright there?

It was an amazing way to end my holidays, so thanks for a wonderful night Steph and hope you enjoyed your dinner and presents! 

University definitely just gets straight to it; only four days in but I feel like I never really left this place. Also, just before I finish, can you believe August is tomorrow?!

Have a lovely week everyone xx

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