Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Peaceful Getaway

Words cannot describe how amazing my past two were spent. My mum and I organised a spontaneous trip to the Yarra Valley region for two nights and we stayed at a lovely estate within Dixons Creek. Usually, people travel to the area during wine harvesting season or summer, just when it's not so gloomy and cold. Nevertheless, I thought the winter chilliness made the scenery all the more beautiful and green and the best part -- we were surrounded by never ending picturesque hills and valleys.

We departed midday Monday and drove to our accommodation with frequent stops at towns or places of interest along the way. By the time we got settled to our room, the first place we decided to visit was the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice-creamery only ten minutes from our stay. 

One of their many chocolate displays

View from outside the Chocolaterie 

At night, we drove to a nearby town to eat dinner before heading back to our stay where I had my first ever bubble bath and almost died. 

Okay, so for those of you who are interested in my near death experience, this is what happened:
It was fun and games until I somehow fell asleep in the bath tub and the next thing I realised was, with the help from my mum, I was outside gasping for air. Air circulation must have been horrible and not circulating at all while I was in the bath room and since I'd fallen asleep, I had no idea what was happening and thank goodness my mum came to check up on me. So yep, incredibly terrifying.

Next morning, we travelled an hour and a half to Steavenson Falls driving through the world known Black Spur Road between the towns of Healesville and Narbethong. Even though it was lightly raining and cloudy, my mum thought it would be fun to let me drive, and so I did... for the rest of the entire trip. Driving though the Black Spur Road was intense since I haven't really driven for a while and the road was incredibly narrow plus the numerous curvy turns along the road. Besides that, it felt so cool driving through a rainforest while in the mist.

Made and packed sandwiches for lunch, so cute.

Black Spur Road

Before going to Steavenson Falls, we stopped off at Marysville town centre. My mum were wondering why it was freezing cold until we realised there's a skiing centre not too far from where we were.

Steavenson Falls was breathtaking. All the plants were incredibly green they looked too perfect to be real. We hiked up a kilometre up to the top of the falls. I wasn't planning on doing any hiking since wine tasting was on the agenda for the day so I wore my Nike Rosche's which ended up all muddy (my poor babies). Didn't end up going wine tasting since I had to drive, but I'm not too disappointed since i got to visit here instead.

 Worth the hike in the rain

The air was so fresh I just wanted to bottle it up and save it for later. Honestly, this was the perfect and peaceful getaway from everything and everyone and I'm so glad I got to spend time with my mother dearest. I definitely stepped back from my life a bit and was able to relax and reflect (I know all of this sounds really cheesy, but it's true). 

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