Thursday, August 14, 2014


Aloha readers, I hope you have all been well and enjoyed the EKKA holiday (for those of you from Brisbane). I didn't go to the EKKA and I haven't been for a few years now but I still got to enjoy the fireworks from a lovely view. I had to go to university though to hand in my portfolio for one of subjects which was not very ideal but oh well, life goes on. 

Yup so apart from that and study, Josh and I went to Lock 'n' Load Bistro for dinner especially since I've been craving their sweet potato fries for ageeeees. I'd been here for brunch and not for dinner so I was pretty excited to check their dinner menu out. (I was also worried that they'd closed the kitchen since we arrived an hour later than the original reservation time). 

Red wine | Trapiche Malbec (Mendoza, Argentina) // I really enjoyed this wine
Entree | Scallops in the half shell, crisp pork belly, sweet corn purée (gf)

Hunter Va lley 80 day grain fed eye fill et with mushroo m purée, potato gratin and
 horseradish butter | Sweet potato fries (mmmmm) | Confit pork bell y, smoked celeriac purée, green beans, caramelized ale cider jus (gf) 

A few days ago, Priceline had a 40% all haircare products and I definitely jumped at the chance to get a few items including this Argan Oil of Morocco! I only run a few drops between my hair and my hair just feels so silky and smooth. I'm obsessed with this Moroccan oil -- 10/10 would recommend this product to everyone.

Thought I'd keep this post short and simple xx

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