Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I See Them Assessment Creepin'

As I'm still struggling to get over my holiday mood (constantly holiday dreaming), I've come to face the fact that mid-semesters are already lurking around the corner. I'm not too sure how I feel about that yet but from previous experiences, I don't think I feel too good; but then again, who really likes assessment right? + Speaking of mid-semester, September is a week away (engineering ball a month away...) which is crazy to think we are 3/4 through the year! Hopefully strawberries will still be as cheap this time next month...

So Lyn's birthday was last Wednesday and our family celebrated true Asian style. Originally, the adults made Lyn, Jenny and I sit on our own table since there wasn't enough space on the main table but we eventually managed to squeeze onto the one table. 

Josh and I gave her a whole box of salted caramel macarons and a whole chocolate truffle cake which I believe Lyn ate all by herself. 
Watermelon, raspberry and almond crumble cake | Lyn the cutie

Wednesday's are usually good day for me. I only have one lecture + Jan Power Farmer's Markets is on at the city. I drool every time I think of Bagel Boy's bagels.

Smoked Chicken Bagel from Bagel Boys

Last week, Josh and I went to Rogue Bar + Bistro for date night was blown away yet again with their new menu. I discovered that they're undergoing exciting changes in the restaurant and I'm anticipating to see it all Dan and his team's plan come together.

Rogue Bar + Bistro has done such an amazing job in the past year and a half since it first opened. Their team puts an incredible amount of effort into the tiniest detail and executes everything from their food, plating (it is honestly art on a plate) drinks, playlist choice, decor, atmosphere, service and basically everything wonderfully. It's no surprise that it's Josh and my favourite place to eat.  

The Ark // + four sides
Dessert //  Cherry Ripe Fondant | Caramel Popcorn Brûlée 

Moose and Gibson // Josh's Baked Eggs // Ordering gnocchi for breakfast was a bad decision, I want to go back again and get baked eggs


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